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  1. Why were the countries of Europe so keen to avoid another war?

  1. What did Hitler claim when he united Germany and Austria?

  1. What was the part of Czechoslovakia where most German speakers lived called?____________________

  1. Give two reasons why Germany couldn’t just take over Czechoslovakia.



  1. i) Which four countries were at the Munich conference?




ii) In your opinion, should any other countries have been invited? Why?

  1. What was agreed at the Munich conference?

  1. Why did many people feel giving in to Germany at Munich was a good idea?

  1. Translate source A, Chamberlain's opinion of the Munich Agreement, into your own words.

  1. Using sources B and C, explain what Churchill thought of the Munich Agreement.

10. In your opinion, how do you think the people of Czechoslovakia felt about the agreement?

[Remember the different areas of Czechoslovakia.]

  1. Do you think the policy of appeasement was justified? Explain your answer.

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