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Economic Connections during the Golden Age of the Song

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Economic Connections during the Golden Age of the Song
The Golden Age in Song China was a time of economic prosperity. China was getting wealthier because of economic developments that were connected in the following cause and effect relationships.
    1    Wars force farmers to move south, where they grow rice,

          Commercial (business) centers in China grow into large cities.

          Growth of trade and commerce opens up job opportunities.

           Farmers take time away from farming to make other products to sell.

A food surplus is generated and sold at market.

           Landowners become rich enough to buy luxury items.

Better farming technologies and quick-ripening rice increase crop production.

  1. Arrange the statements above to reflect a China’s movement from a poorer, agricultural state to a richer, more commercial state. The number 1, as you can see, represents the first step in this movement. Continue to number 2 through 7 in the spaces provided. (3)

  1. Was it agriculture, commerce, or urbanization (growth of cities) which started economic growth in China? (Circle one). (2)

Farming Trading Growth of cities

  1. How does the sequence above indicate that China is moving toward a Golden Age? Explain at least two ways. (4)

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