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Part A: Critical Response Questions

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Part A: Critical Response Questions
Document #1:

  1. Using the title and chart above, explain the meaning of cultural diffusion. (2)

  1. Why does the illustration above support the idea that Tang and Song China was experiencing a Golden Age at this time? (4)

Document #2: Geographic and Economic Information

Items Traded West to East

Items Traded East to West

Garlic Herbal medicines

Grapevine Horses

Spices Camels

Spinach Gems, gold and silver

Cotton Ivory



Technology and Inventions

  • Compass

  • Paper

  • Gun Powder

  1. In general, how did the types of items traded East (from China) to West differ from the types of items traded West to East? (2)

  1. Use information provided above and your own understandings to explain how successful trade along the Silk Road helped China achieve a Golden Age. Explain at least two ways. (4)

Document #3:

1. According to the chart, which levels of Chinese government have power over all people? (2)

  1. Based on what is shown in the chart, make TWO points explaining how there is an opportunity for social mobility (movement of people) in this class structure. (2)

  1. As shown in the chart, how might a social hierarchy (chain of command) that is organized in this way contribute to political unity in China? Describe at least two reasons. (4)


Document #4:

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