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  1. What is John Adams’ view of the Congress?

  1. Describe the relationship between John and Abigail Adams.

  1. How is John Adams described?

  1. Who proposed the resolution calling for independence?

  1. Who is “Old Grape and Guts”?

  1. Name Georgia’s representative in the movie.

  1. Who is described as both the oldest and youngest delegate?

  1. Identify John Dickinson and Caesar Rodney.

  1. Who “insists on standing in Mr. Dickinson’s shadow?” What does that mean?

  1. Who is the President of the Congress?

  1. Why did Hancock ask Franklin about New Jersey’s absence?

  1. Describe Philadelphia in July 1776.

  1. Describe Thomas Jefferson as portrayed in the movie.

  1. How do the clothes and attitudes of the delegates reflect their colonies?

  1. Why was unanimity required for an independence vote?

  1. Name the five men appointed to the committee to write the Declaration.

  1. Describe the American soldier, as described by Washington’s letters.

  1. The song sung by the soldier could also be interpreted as commentary on what event taking place at the time this play was written (and movie was made) --- 1972?

  1. What did Franklin propose as the national symbol of the US and why?

  1. Who stinketh the most? What does that line mean?

  1. Dickinson or Wilson. Which man is more honorable?

  1. What grammatical or spelling error do Adams and Jefferson quibble over?

  1. Why did John Hancock say he was signing so large?

  1. What does the soldiers appearance and demeanor in his scenes reveal about the war ?

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