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Antz / Anthem

Comparison Worksheet
1. Record the messages found on the hanging banners as the movie opens.
2. When are the ant’s jobs chosen for them?

3. What about Z’s attitude makes him stand apart from everyone else? (add answers as

the film progresses)
1. 3.
2. 4.
4. What actions does Z perform to illustrate his nonconformity?
1. 3.
5. What is Insectopia? Why is so special?

6. What idea does Z try to spread throughout the hive?

7. What are the three classes or groups in Antz?

Antz and Anthem Character Comparison: List the character that is similar in Anthem to the

Antz character listed below.

8. Z = Ant at the Bar =

9. Bala = Barbatus =

10. Insectopia = Weaver =
Who Said it: Using the list of characters in the box, determine who said the following lines.

Azteca Bala Barbatus

Cutter General Mandible

Queen Weaver Z

11. ______________ “Don’t make my mistake kid. Don’t follow orders your whole life.

Think for yourself.”

12. ______________ “I’m supposed to do everything for the colony. What about my


13. ______________ “Come on Z. Help us build a bigger, stronger colony, and for

crying out loud, try to be happy about it.”

14. ______________ “Don’t you ever think for yourself Cutter?”

15. ______________ “Everyone has their place, Bala.”

Directions: Record as many similarities and differences you can recall between the novel and the film.


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