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Anne Frank Portfolio 100 Points

Assignment #1: Character Bubble Maps (10 Points)

Directions: When you read a play, it is very important that you not only visualize the characters, but understand them inside and out because the author is not going to paint a vivid image for you. As you are introduced to new characters is Anne Frank, fill out a bubble map for each characters, as a way to remember a little bit about all of the characters. You must have one map for each of the 10 characters and each map must include at least 4 character traits that describe the character.
Assignment #2: Journal Entries (20 Points)

Directions: The Diary of Anne Frank was actually journal entries that Anne Frank wrote in her diary. Each entry was a detailed description of her day and the events that took place while her and her family were in hiding. You do not write a journal entry like you write an essay. When you write a journal entry you should use words like I, me, my, ect. because journal entries are all about YOU and YOUR opinions. Over the course of the Anne Frank Unit, I will post a number of journal entries on the smart board and give you 5-10 minutes to respond to these prompts. Whatever you don’t finish during that time will be up to you to finish for homework. Each journal entry should be at least a half a page in length and will be graded on your ability to answer the entire question. (That means it must be at least a half of page, but if you think you need to write two pages to fully answer a writing prompt, you have to write two pages.)
Assignment #3: Act 1, Scenes 1-3 Comprehension Questions (10 Points)

Directions: Answer the following questions using complete sentences.

  1. What do we learn about the basic situation of the characters in the play from Scene I, before the flashback begins?

  2. When does Anne begin to understand what going into hiding will mean? Describe some of the ways life in the Secret Annex is different from life outside.

  3. Do Anne and Peter seem to have typical teenage attitudes toward their families? Use text based evidence to support your response. (THIS IS A PERFECT PARAGRAPH RESPONSE)

  4. Compare Mr. Frank and Mr. Van Daan’s reactions to the arrival of Albert Dussel. Which seems like the right way to respond? Why?

  5. What do you think would be the hardest part of life in the Secret Annex: the fear of discovery, the need to keep silent for hours at a time, the sharing of cramped quarters with strangers? Or some other aspect? Explain your answer.

Assignment #4: Act 1, Scenes 4-5 Comprehension Questions (10 Points)

Directions: Answer the following questions using complete sentences.

  1. How did the events following Anne’s nightmare in Scene 4 reveal tensions between Anne and two other members of the household?

  2. Describe how the Hanukkah celebration in Scene 5 is interrupted.

  • What does Peter do to make matters worse?

  • According to Dussel, how will this incident lead to their discovery by the police?

  1. Anne is a dynamic character, that is, she changes over the course of the play. What does Anne’s gift giving reveal about her? How do her gifts to her mother and Peter show that she has changed?

  2. Describe the reversal—the sudden change in the characters’ fortunes—that is central to Scene 5. How did it make you feel?

  3. The play’s version of events differs in many ways from what actually happened. Using the time line of pages 344 and 345, find 2 inconsistencies and explain why the writers have chosen to change each of these details? Also, explain if you think the changes make the play more effective? Why or why not?

Assignment #5: Act 2 Comprehension Questions (10 Points)

Directions: Answer the following questions using complete sentences.

  1. Miep and Mr. Kraler’s visit in Act II, Scene I, sets off two conflicts: one over a cake, the other over a coat. Describe each conflict.

  2. How does Anne and Peter’s relationship change in Act Two, Scene 1? In Scene 2, how do Mrs. Frank and Mrs. Van Daan respond to this change?

  3. At the beginning of Act Two, Scene 4, what is causing tension and fear in the household?

  4. The climax of the play is its moment of greatest tension. What is the play’s climax?

  5. What do you think is the main conflict in the play? Is it the conflict between the occupants of the Secret Annex and the Nazis, or is it something else? Explain.

Assignment #6: Creative Writing (20 Points)

Directions: Write an “I Am” poem for Anne Frank, using this framework:
I am Anne Frank

I hear…

I see…

I say…

I cry…

I am…
I am…

I feel…

I try…

I dream…

I am Anne Frank.

Your poem must be on a piece of computer or construction paper (not lined paper), it must have a title, it must be neatly handwritten or typed, and it must include at least one image, collage, or other visually appealing graphic.
Assignment #7: The Real Anne? (20 Points)

Directions: Reread the excerpts from Anne Frank’s diary (see pages 342-343 and Connections on pages 410-411). Based on these entries for you feel that the play captures the “real Anne,” or do you think important aspects of her personality are missing from the character in the play? Write a 1-2 paragraph response in which you clearly state your opinion on the question. Cite evidence from the play or the diary entries to support your opinion.

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