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Name:__________________________________________________ Period:_________ 3/25 & 3/28 TOTC Handout #8

Motivation: Explain what “recalled to life” means. Write about a time you were metaphorically recalled to life.
A. “Five Years Later” Compare Tellson’s Bank to England

1. In the beginning of “Five Years Later” and in the following quote, Dickens compares Tellson’s Bank with England. List the qualities, both positive and negative, that he attributes to the old bank and that he also attributes to old England. Be sure to include the bank’s position on capital punishment.

“In this respect the House was much on a par with the Country; which did very often disinherit its sons for suggesting

improvements in laws and customs that had long been highly objectionable, but were only the more respectable.”

Both England and Tellson’s despised changes in laws & customs

Old fashioned

Small and cramped

Have ruined many lives

(Bank is set in its ways and will fire people resistant to the established rules while England kills those resistant)

Approve of capital punishment for crimes

Fear change (due to possible consequences)

Like the corrupt society, bank and England both have room to improve, but those in charge don’t want to

B. Discuss the way Dickens characterizes Jerry, his wife, and son

1. For what reasons does Jerry’s wife pray for him? What is implied by the mud on his boots and rust on his fingers? Why do you think Jerry Cruncher is against his wife’s praying, or “flopping,” on his behalf?

-She prays for him to make the right choices & not get in trouble for what he is doing at night

-Jerry thinks she is praying for his downfall (She says “I would not pray against you, I am praying for you.”)

-Jerry is paranoid

-Implies he is working outside….perhaps digging something….

-Rust on your finger could refer to wedding ring….

-Rust is figuratively red, like blood….so he could be doing something bad, like murdering people

-he thinks her praying will harm him/prevent his success

-he thinks she is praying for his downfall/harm

2. Why does Jerry call his wife “Aggerawayter”? How does Dickens use Jerry’s language to develop his character? Is the reader supposed to laugh with him or at him? How do you know?
Looks like aggravator….she is annoying him.

Shows Jerry’s class….he is not smart…..he doesn’t say it correctly

We are supposed to laugh at him, but know he is troubled

Financially (from early on we see him taking on various odd jobs, some of which are perilous – for money)

Jerry is of a low class
C. “A Sight” How does Dickens set the stage for the trial? What is the mood?

1. How is Darnay portrayed? Why is he on trial? What punishment does he face? Why is he fascinating to the crowd?

A young man, 25, dark eyes, good looking, sunny cheeks

Leaked information about England to France

Accused of treason (will be executed if found guilty)

Fascinating to see the next victim of execution

Travels frequently to France, starting around the time of the American revolution…..he refuses to explain why….they say they have incriminating papers found among his things
2. Why is there a mirror over the prisoner’s head?
To reflect the light on him…and so the crowd could see him better….
D. “A Disappointment” – How credible are the witnesses who testify against Charles Darnay? How fair are the proceedings of this trial?

1. How does Dickens re-introduce Lucie, Mr. Lorry and Dr. Manette? What are their roles here in the trial?

Why is Mr. Lorry sitting with the defense attorney?
They were witnesses at the trial against Darnay. Charles Darnay helped Lucie take care of her father (Dr. Manette) on the boat ride from France back home to England. Lucie saw him give some paperwork to Frenchmen….she felt very bad testifying against him and didn’t want to see any harm come to him….they were forced to testify by the government….
Mr. Lorry is just there as a friend and to support Darnay…
2. Whose side is John Barsad on? How does Mr. Solicitor-General try to discredit John Barsad’s testimony?
He is testifying against Darnay. Spy himself, lived on property he can’t remember where, inherited it from a distant relation, had been in debtor’s prison….five or six time….frequently in fights….cheated at dice….made money from gambling….owes Darnay money….has never repaid….(conartist)…..
Suggests that Barsad planted the papers on Darnay (Barsad would then get out of his debts and be relieved of punishments)
3. Whose side is Roger Cly on? How does Mr. Solicitor-General try to discredit Roger Cly’s testimony?
Virtuous servant…he worked for Darnay….

4. In what ways is Miss Manette’s testimony against Mr. Darnay both helpful and damaging to his case?

E. What secrets lie within Mr. Sydney Carton?

1. How does Mr. Carton help Mr. Stryver cast doubt on the testimony of the witness who was in the Dover mail with Mr. Lorry five years earlier? After the trial, Mr. Carton and Mr. Stryver retire for some drinks and Mr. Carton cries himself to sleep. For what reasons might Mr. Carton be so upset?

Summary: One of the major themes in this novel is the idea that resurrection is possible. How does this theme apply to Charles Darnay’s acquittal for treason?
Answer Aim: _________________________________________________________________________________?

HW: Read Book the Second, Chapters 4-6, Congratulatory, the Jackal, and Hundreds of People.
Complete the associated study guide questions for Book the Second, chapters 4-6.
Complete the vocab for Book the Second, chapters 4-6.

BOOK THE FIRST TEST THURSDAY 3/31 (including vocab)

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