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Google uses programs that are automated to help generate results by users inputting values and numbers for google to comprehend and output results based on their searches. There is an equation that is used to rank the websites based on how much a website is relevant to the information.

Reviews can be given by anyone, and there is no limit to inputting information. Many people have found this tool helpful in search of information… Students are using this tool for research and other critical information for college and work…

I would use this to access school right now… I use this for informative usage and to research for projects. There are other applications of Google I can use


The Evernote is a tool that allows people to organize notes and store information to use for their own personal good. Many other features can be used such as, text clipping, voice recording, and image capturing.

While the app works well with organization, it can become a little clustered… It is compatible on many different applications. All thoughts and captures can be used in the application.

I would use this tto my advantage for note taking when I train with an Olympic coach, so I can remember what I put. Classes can be organized through using this.

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