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Cardinal Richelieu
rance was torn by eight religious wars between Catholics and Protestants from 1562 to 1598. In 1589, a Protestant Prince named Henry of Navarre became King Henry IV (4). In 1593, he changed religions. He became Catholic to please the majority of his people. In 1598, he issued an order called the Edict of Nantes. It gave Huguenots, French Protestants, the right to live in peace and have their own churches in some cities.
Henry rebuilt the French economy and brought peace to the land. He was followed by his son, Louis XIII (13), a weak king. However, Louis had a very capable chief Minister named Cardinal Richelieu, who ruled the land for him and increased the power of the crown. To accomplish this goal, he ordered the Huguenots not to build walls around their cities and said that nobles had to destroy their castles. This would prevent the nobles from hiding within their walls in order to defy the King’s power. In addition, Richelieu used people from the middle class, not nobles, to work in his government.
French thinkers had reacted to the religious wars with horror. They developed a new philosophy called skepticism. Nothing could be known for certain, they argued. They believed that doubting old ideas was the first step to learning the truth. Montaigne was one such thinker who believed that because learning a new belief will replace an old one, no one can fully have absolute knowledge of what is true. As a result, Descartes developed the scientific method in order to examine Montaigne’s theory. His accomplishments made him an important figure in the Enlightenment.
1. Edict of Nantes - ______________________________________________________________
2. Cardinal Richelieu - ___________________________________________________________
3. Skepticism - _________________________________________________________________
Answer the following question to the best of your knowledge.
1. Why did Henry IV convert from Protestantism to Catholicism? Explain your answer.
Ordered the Huguenots not to build walls around their cities.
se the provided organizer to document how Cardinal Richelieu increased the power of the French King.

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Louis XIV of France
lobal History Date:

In 1643, Louis XIV (Sun King) gained power at the age of 22. He became a powerful ruler who had total control over France, determined to never let the nobles challenge him. To do so, he kept the nobles out his government and gave more power to officials called intendants, who only answered to him. He also worked hard to increase the wealth of France by increasing French industry. His chief minister, Jean Baptiste Colbert, tried to persuade the French to only buy French made goods and settle in the French colony of Canada, which was becoming wealthy from the fur trade.

Louis enjoyed a life of luxury at his court. He built a huge and beautiful palace at Versailles near Paris. He also made sure that the nobles had to depend on him to advance in society. In addition, Louis made France the most powerful nation in Europe in that it had a large population and a bigger army than any other country. However, he did make some costly mistakes. After defeating neighboring countries and seizing their land, Louis wished to continue taking land from other countries. Other nations allied to stop France in the 1680s. The high cost of these wars combined with poor harvests produced problems at home in France.
The final war in Louis’s time was fought over succession to the throne of Spain and lasted from 1700 to 1713. In the War of Spanish Succession, France and Spain tried to set up united thrones. However, the rest of Europe felt threatened by this and joined in war against them. Both France and Spain were forced to give up some of their American and European colonies to England. England became the new rising power.
1. Louis XIV - __________________________________________________________________
2. Intendant - ___________________________________________________________________
3. Jean Baptiste Colbert - _________________________________________________________
4. War of Spanish Succession - _____________________________________________________
Answer the following question to the best of your knowledge.
1. Why do you think Europe felt threatened by the uniting of the French and Spanish thrones?
Use the organizer below to document the successes and failures of France under Louis XIV (14).

French buying French made goods

Large population

Poor harvests

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