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Manifest Destiny: The Power of Perspective

Grade Level


Subject Area(s)



Sycamore School

Time Frame

1 ½ - 2 class periods

Brief Lesson Description

Manifest Destiny represented the forward-thinking outlook of a young expanding nation, the United States. However, some of the other inhabitants of North America (specifically, the Mexicans and the Indians) saw themselves and the world around them in very different terms. In this activity, students will examine the power of the different perspectives among the Americans, the Mexicans, and the Indians. After exploring this topic through readings and video clips, students will create a comic on Manifest Destiny from the perspective of the Mexicans and Indians.


  • Learn about an idea that was one of the driving forces of the young United States

  • Explore other ideas that were at the core of the Mexican and Indian cultures.

  • Analyze some of the differences in the perspectives of these cultures.

  • Apply their understanding of these different perspectives in a comic.


ISTE Standards:

1A: Apply existing knowledge to generate new ideas, products, or processes

1B: Create original works as a means of personal or group expression

2B: Communicate information and ideas effectively to multiple audiences using a variety of media and formats

2D: Contribute to project teams to produce original works or solve problems

3B: Locate, organize, analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and ethically use information from a variety of sources and media

5B: Exhibit a positive attitude towards using technology that supports collaboration, learning, and productivity

5C: Demonstrate personal responsibility for lifelong learning

6B: Select and use applications effectively and productively
National Social Studies Standards:

1A: The student understands the international background and consequences of the Louisiana Purchase, War of 1812, and the Monroe Doctrine.

1C: The student understands the ideology of Manifest Destiny, the nation’s expansion to the Northwest, and the Mexican-American War.

2E: The student understands the settlement of the West.

4B: The student understands how Americans strived to reform society and create a distinct culture
Indiana Academic Standards – American History:

8.1.15: Explain the concept of Manifest Destiny and describe its impact on westward expansion of the United States (Individual, Society, and Culture)

*Due to our student body (gifted students) 6th graders are typically working at a high 7th and 8th grade level. These standards correlate with what students are working on in 6th grade.


Rubric: The Power of Perspective Comic Rubric (See Below)

Prior Knowledge

Students should understand the Lewis and Clark expedition and the implications of this expedition, the Louisiana Purchase, and a brief understanding of Manifest Destiny.


Computer Lab


Laptop Cart:


 Individual work

 Group work

Software Needs:

Internet Connection

Real Player

Comic Life

Peripheral Equipment

 Digital cameras Video Camera  Tripod

 Scanner  Color Printer  PDA

 Other (explain)

Internet Resources

US: Mexican War – PBS Video Clip Library

Manifest Destiny: An Introduction

Printed Materials

Power of Perspectives worksheet (see below)

Power of Perspective Comic directions (see below)

Comic brainstorming layouts (printed from Comic Life)



“Two Nations’ Identities: Looking Forward and Looking Back”

“Mexico in the Shadow of its Own History”

“The American Indians: Protecting Sacred Land”

“Manifest Destiny and American Continental Expansion”


Pre-Viewing Activity:

  1. Discuss with students the idea of Manifest Destiny and its importance in the 19th century.

  2. Have students read the Manifest Destiny: An Introduction.

  3. Ask students to discuss with table members some of the differences between the 19th century US and Mexico as described in the article. They should be ready to share two after their discussion.

Viewing Activity:

  1. Go over the questions on the Power of Perspective worksheet with students before they watch the video clips. Explain to students that the clips will give them some insights into the origin of the idea of Manifest Destiny, but that the clips will also help them better understand the perspectives of the Mexicans and the Indians who lived in North America in the 19th century.

  2. Watch the PBS videos over the projector as a class

  3. Students will use the Power of Perspective worksheet to guide them through the videos. Have students make notes on the various questions on the worksheet in preparation for the upcoming group activity.

Post-Viewing Activity:

  1. After students have watched the videos, have them discuss their responses to what they have learned. Focus the conversation on the differences among the Americans, Mexicans, and Indians in terms of how they looked at the world generally.

    1. Americans looked forward; the Mexicans looked to the past; the Indians looked to the land

  2. Ask students to explore what these perspectives might have meant in terms of what these people valued and how they actually lived their lives.

    1. How would they have reacted to the idea of Manifest Destiny?

Focus on Understanding Activity:

  1. Go over the Power of Perspective Comic directions

  2. In groups of two, students will work on their Power of Perspective comic.

    1. Choose comic layout

    2. Write and layout comic on brainstorming worksheet

    3. Develop comic in ComicLife

  3. Print comics to share with the class.

(This document modified from Internet document, Maricopa County Small Schools)

Power of Perspective Comic Rubric

Does the students show an understanding of:

Successful Completion

Needs More Practice

Manifest Destiny (perspective of Americans)

Perspectives of Native Americans/Mexicans

At least one specific example of perspective from each party


Did the student:

Successful Completion

Needs More Practice

Use selected pictures

Effectively use speech bubbles

Effective use of lettering for title and authors

Format an effective comic

Text is free of spelling/ grammatical errors

Check in each box if the student was successful or still needs more practice in each area. Comment when necessary.

Power of Perspective Worksheet
Use this worksheet to focus your learning as you watch the video clips. Make notes on each question as you watch.

  1. What are some of the major components of the idea of Manifest Destiny?

  1. What did the 19th century Americans value? Where did they look for their national identity?

  1. How would you describe the Mexican perspective described in the clips? What did the Mexicans most value? Where did they look for their national identity?

  1. What was the Native American perspective? What did the Native Americans value? Where did they look for their national identity as a people?

  1. Think about ways that these different perspectives may have contributed to conflicts among these peoples.

Power of Perspective Comic
The purpose of making this comic is to portray the perspectives of the Americans vs. the Native Americans or Mexicans in relationship to the American idea of Manifest Destiny. Use what you have learned from watching the videos and discussion in class and refer to your Power of Perspectives worksheet for specific examples.

  1. With your table mate, choose to write about the varying perspectives of the Americans vs. the Native Americans or the Americans vs. the Mexicans in relationship to Manifest Destiny.

  1. Pick up a comic brainstorming worksheet and decide on the type of layout that you would like to write your comic in.

  1. On your brainstorming worksheet, write out what is going to happen in each square. Remember, when you are actually designing this in Comic Life, you will be using a pre-saved picture of an American, Native American, and Mexican and using speech bubbles. You may choose to have both people in one comic box, or just one. The purpose of this brainstorming worksheet is to determine “who” is going to be in each box, and what will be said in the speech bubble(s).

  1. Check out a computer from the laptop cart and open up Comic Life.

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