Name: Kathleen Sewell Subject/Grade: 12th Grade American Government Title/Topic of the Lesson

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  • Students will be placed into groups of four (or three) students.

  • The teachers will show a clip from the movie 21 Jump Street.  In the clip, rookie police officers Jenko and Schmidt arrest a drug dealer but are forced to release him because Jenko forgot the wording of the Miranda warning.

  • To assess the students’ prior knowledge of the wording of the Miranda warning, the teachers will ask the whole class to recite the warning in its entirety.  The students’ responses will be added to the lesson’s Prezi.  If students are not able to remember the warning on their own, the teachers will provide hints to help students complete the warning.

  • In their groups, students will rewrite the four statements of the Miranda warning in their own words.  One member in each group will write the group’s version of the Miranda warning on a sheet of paper.  Groups will have five minutes to work on their interpretation.  A timer displayed on the board will keep track of time.

  • Each group will share their interpretation of the Miranda warning.  Students may comment on other groups’ interpretations if they wish.

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