Name: Kathleen Sewell Subject/Grade: 12th Grade American Government Title/Topic of the Lesson

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Student Grouping:

For this lesson, students will work in student-selected groups of three or four.  (In an actual grade school classroom, students will already be organized in groups of four chosen by the teachers to be heterogeneous by academic ability, gender, and race, and take into consideration which students work well together and which students do not.)  Groups will work together to interpret the four Miranda warnings and analyze the impact of Miranda on the criminal justice system.


The opening of the lesson uses a variety of methods to engage students and access their prior knowledge.  The clip from 21 Jump Street (2012) is a hook designed to grab students’ attention through humor.  This clip leads in to the next activity, in which students are asked to recall the Miranda warning.  Students will most likely already know the wording of the Miranda warning from police procedural television shows, and so activity will access their prior knowledge.  The activity in which students must rewrite the Miranda warning in their own words ensures that students understand the warning.

During the main activity of the lesson, groups will use the “RoundRobin” Kagan structure to regulate their discussion on whether Miranda goes too far to protect the rights of the accused.  With RoundRobin, group members take turns stating responses to the questions posed by the teachers.  Each group member is given one minute to give their opinion.  After all group members have responded, students may comment on what others in their group have said.  This structure will ensure equal participation by all group members in the conversation.

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