Name: Industrialization Revolution Review

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Industrialization Revolution Review


What is a Tariff?

A tax on imports

Northern Point of View on Tariffs:

Northerners were in support of tariffs. The higher prices on imported goods encouraged people to buy American made manufactured goods.

Southern Point of View on Tariffs:

Southerners were against tariffs. They wanted free trade, because their cotton was exported all over the world.

2. What were the three major reasons the War of 1812 began between the United States and the British?

1. Impressment of US Sailors

2. Disputes over territory

3. The British were arming the Native Americans with weapons and ammo.

3. Where did most of the fighting occur, during the War of 1812?

The Great Lakes, Port Cities (New Orleans and Baltimore) & Washington D.C.
4. During what major conflict, was the nation’s capital, Washington, DC, captured?
The War of 1812
5. What do the cities of Boston, New York City, and New Orleans all have in common? (think trade)
Port Cities, on the coast. They are important centers of trade.
6. Why was the construction of the Erie Canal so important to the North’s economy?
It linked Northern factories to western markets and raw materials
7. Why would the construction of the National Road be important to the United States expansion?
It provided a way for American settlers to more easily move west. In addition, it improved trade, making it faster.
8. Why did slavery increase instead of decrease in the United States?
The invention of the cotton gin made cotton production more profitable. Planters needed more slaves to plant and harvest more cotton.
9. What motivating factor pulled many to settle in northeastern U.S. urban areas during the nineteenth century? What types of people moved to these cities?
Many immigrants moved to urban areas to fill factory jobs. In addition, most workers on the Erie Canal and other improvement projects were immigrants.
The Irish and the Germans were two major immigrants to Northern cities in the mid-1800’s.
10. Why were inventors like Eli Whitney, Samuel Morse, and Cyrus McCormick important contributors to the Industrial Revolution for both the Northern and Southern regions of the United States?
They all created inventions that made production faster, cheaper, and more efficient. Mass production and unskilled labor could now be used.

11. How did the factory system contribute to the rapid industrialization of the United States?

Workers moved off their farms to urban areas to fill factory jobs.

12. What do the Telegraph, Cellular Phones, Postal Service, and Email all have in common?

They are all faster and more efficient ways to communicate over long distances.
13. How did major routes of transportation differ between Northern and Southern states?
North- Most RR, Roads, Canals

South- Few improvements
14. What geographic characteristics of the United States led to the differences between the North and South?
North-Rocky soil, waterways, and coast are great for trade and factories

South- Flat, fertile farmland, perfect for growing cash crops

15. Many immigrant groups contributed to the development of America. Which immigrant group helped build the Erie Canal?

16. Why did New Orleans develop into a major center of transportation and trade in the South?
It is at the mouth of the Mississippi River, and on the Gulf of Mexico

17. Slave labor, a year long growing season, good soil and freshwater resources were all contributors to what type of system in the South?

The Plantation System
18. How did free enterprise benefit from innovation?
New inventions lead to competition. People want to buy the new products
19. How did inventions such as the cotton gin, steel plow, steamboat, and telegraph affect the economy of the United States?
Increasing the economy. Faster, more efficient mass production of items, leads to economic growth.

20. How did the steamboat impact farming in the United States?

Farmers may now export their products faster and more efficiently.

21. Describe the relationship between the following three concepts:

All three are linked and depend on one another. Without immigrants, you would not have fulfilled the demand for factory jobs. The rise in immigrants, leads to the rise in urban areas.

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