Name Imperialism’s Influence on Africa

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Directions: Use your notes and this reading to determine whether each statement is True or False.

6. ____ The goal of the Berlin Conference was to divide Africa between the European countries

7. ____ European Imperialism helped to cause the Rwanda Genocide

8. ____ The Tutsi and Hutu lived as equals in their society before the Europeans came

9. ____ Europeans began to move further in Africa during imperialism for resources

10. ____ Eventually, the roles of the Tutsi and Hutu will be reversed during the 20th century

Directions: Use your notes and this reading to answer the following questions.

11. Describe the role racism played during the time of Imperialism in Africa. (2 or more sentences)

12. Explain how Africa, particularly Rwanda, changed as a result of European Imperialism. (2 or more sentences)
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7490 -> Cultural Imperialism: An American Tradition
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7490 -> Imperialism in India, China, and Japan Directions
7490 -> Read all of the directions!!!
7490 -> Directions: Use the Eisenhower Speech and d-day readings to answer the questions
7490 -> Understanding the Enlightenment Reading & Questions
7490 -> The Great Powers of Europe 1910-1914 Increase in Military Defense Expenditures
7490 -> Declaration of the Rights of Man

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