Name Imperialism’s Influence on Africa

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Directions: Answer the following questions using the reading on Imperialism’s Influence on Africa.

1. ____ How did European intervention in Africa change from 1850s to 1910?

A. European intervention decreased C. European intervention remained the same

B. European intervention expanded D. European intervention became more peaceful

2. ____ African society in Rwanda before European contact could best be described as…

A. Very wealthy and democratic C. peaceful and unequal

B. industrialized and unequal D. very wealthy and religious

3. ____ Why did the Europeans favor the Tutsi people over the Hutu?

A. they saw the Tutsi as racially superior C. they saw the Tutsi as more religious

B. they saw the Tutsi as more hostile D. they saw the Tutsi as more cooperative

4. ____ As European countries began to think about taking over Africa, many European governments worried that this could lead to competition and possibly war between European countries. What did they do to stay away from war?

A. Scramble for Africa B. Berlin Conference C. Genocide D. Social Darwinism

5. ____ The time period from the 1970s – 1990s in Rwanda, could best be described as…

A. stable and peaceful B. democratic and equal C. chaotic and brutal D. exciting and energetic

Directory: cms -> lib -> NC01001395 -> Centricity -> Domain -> 7490
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7490 -> Declaration of the Rights of Man

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