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Cruades questions

Source #7
King Richard was the leader of the English army on the Crusades. The statement below is taken from his message to Saladin, the leader of the Muslims who were fighting the Christians.

Men of ours and of yours have died, the country is in ruins, and events have escaped anyone’s control. Do you not believe that it is enough? As far as we are concerned, there are only three subjects of discord (where we disagree): Jerusalem, the True Cross, and territory. As for Jerusalem, it is our place of worship and we will never agree to renounce it, even if we have to fight to the last man. As territory, all we want is that the land west of the Jordan be ceded to us. As for the Cross, for you it is merely a piece of wood, whereas for us its value is inestimable (priceless). Let the Sultan give it to us, and let us put an end to this exhausting struggle.

Source #8-
Saladin’s Response to King Richard’s message

Jerusalem is holy to us as well as to you, and more so, seeing it is the scene of our Prophet’s journey, and the place where our people must assemble at the Last Day. Think not that we shall give it to you. As for the land, it was ours to begin with, and you invaded it’ nor had you taken it but for the feebleness of the Muslems who then had it; and so long as this war lasts God will not permit you to set up a stone in it. As for the Cross, our holding it is a point of advantage, nor can we surrender it except for some benefit of Islam.

Source 9 – questions and answers
King Richard says there are three things he wants from Saladin, the leader of the Muslims. List those three things below and explain why he wanted each.

  1. What did he want and why?

  1. What did he want and why?

  1. What did he want and why?

Source 10 – questions and answers
What was Saladin’s response to Richard’s requests? For each request explain how Saladin responded and why.
1. How did he respond and why?

2. How did he respond and why?

3. How did he respond and why?

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