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Cruades questions

Judgment - Based on what you know about the Crusades – who do you think makes the best case for his requests and actions, King Richard or Saladin? Explain your judgment.

What were the results of the Crusades?
The Crusades were a significant (important) event in world history. The events of the crusades impacted people at that time and in the future. When historians look at the past, they try to evaluate if the results of the Crusades were positive or negative. But to do this they also have to decide which events or outcomes were the most important to world history and which were not as important. Complete the following three activities

Categorizing the results of the Crusades: Which were positive and which were negative?
1) Below is a list of results that came from the Crusades. For each, categorize it as either “positive,” or “negative.” After you finish you will use your judgments to explain if the Crusades were a positive or negative event in world history.

Positive or Negative


  1. _____Europeans learned games from the Arabs – like Chess.

  2. _____There was more trade between Europe and the Middle East.

  3. _____Europeans got new foods such as rice, coffee, and spices.

  4. _____Europeans got goods such as mirrors and wheelbarrows

  5. _____Muslims got wool from Europe

  6. _____Europeans learned about algebra, chemistry, and a new number system

  7. _____European sailors started using the Arabic compass and astrolabe to find better sea routes.

  8. _____Cities in Italy became important trading centers between Europe and the Middle East.

  9. _____Feudal lords allowed serfs to buy their freedom. Then they used the money to pay for the Crusades

  10. _____Because serfs gained freedom and because they could not get jobs in growing cities, the Crusades helped to bring an end to feudalism in Europe.

  11. _____The Crusades helped create distrust between Christians and Muslims that still exists today.

  12. _____Many people died during the Crusades

  13. _____Jews in Europe were killed by the Crusaders because they also didn’t believe in Christ.

  14. _________At the end of the Crusades Jerusalem was still in Muslim hands

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