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Cruades questions

Source #3

Oh, race of Franks (French people) this land you inhabit, shut in on all sides by the seas and surrounded by the mountain peaks, is too narrow for your large population; nor does it abound in wealth; and it doesn’t furnish (provide) enough food for its cultivators [farmers]. This is why you murder one another. The land which as the Scripture says “floweth with milk and honey,” and Jerusalem where the land is fruitful above others, was given by God (to Christians)
- Pope Urban speaking to Franks (French people)

Source #3 – Questions and answers:

  1. Why did Pope Urban think the Franks murdered each other?

  1. What is Pope Urban’s solution for the Franks to stop murdering each other? Do you think this is a good solution? Why or why not.

  1. According to this source, why would people go on the Crusades?

Source #4 -
On the Fourth Crusade the Christians never made it to the “Hold Land.” They did, however, attack and conquer Constantinople – which was a Christian city on the way to Jerusalem.
There was so much treasure heaped up in Constantinople, so many precious gold and silver vessels, cloth of gold and rich jewels, that it was a wonder to behold. Never since the beginning of the world has such wealth been won.
- Account of Robert of Clari, a French knight who witnessed the looting of Constantinople.

Source #4 – Question and answer:
1) According to this source, what might have been another reason to go on the Crusades?

Why People Went on the Crusades? – Part I Summary Sheet

1) Use what you read in sources 1-4 to list four reasons that explain why people went on the Crusades.





2) In your opinion, which one of these reasons best explains why people might have been willing to go, facing many risks and enduring many hardships? Explain why you picked that reason?

3) If you were using just source #1 - what would you say the reason for the Crusades was?

4) If you were using both Source #1 and Source #4 what would you say the reason for the Crusades was?

5) Thinking about how you answered questions 3 and 4 above - why do you think it is important for historians to use more than one source when they try to write about historical events and historical people? Explain.

What Happened On the Crusades? - Part II
Once the Crusaders reached the Holy Land, things were still difficult. Source #5 describes the First Crusade and what happened when the European Christians took over Jerusalem. Source #6 describes what happened to some of the Europeans during the Second Crusade. Read the two sources and answer the questions that follow.

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