Name: Forms of Government Each of the scenarios describes a form of government. Write the form of government in the space provided after each scenario that best describes the scenario

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Forms of Government
Each of the scenarios describes a form of government. Write the form of government in the space provided after each scenario that best describes the scenario. Select the form of government from the list found at the end of these scenarios on the other side of this paper. Each form should be used once.

  1. A group of the wisest women in your town will be selected to rule. They will have full authority in all matters of government. They alone will have the power to replace themselves. They will try to rule wisely and fairly, and keep the best interests of the people in mind at all times.

  1. One man will be chosen ruler. He will have all the power in the village. He alone can replace himself. He will make all the decisions. He will try to be just and fair. He will be the wisest and most popular person in the village.

  1. All town members will work for the best interests of the town. There will be no personal belongings. Instead all property will be owned by the town for community use. The wisest and fairest members of the town will decide how best to use the town’s resources. They can be replaced by the people if they fail to do an honest job.

  1. All the people in the town will rule. Each will have an equal vote in deciding what is best for the town. The majority will decide what action to take. There will be no ruler only a temporary chairperson to run town meetings with no power to make rulings.

  1. The people who are the richest and the brightest ones in the town will rule. They will have all of the power and will decide who replaces them. They will try to be fair and just. They are certainly the best educated persons in the town.

  1. A leader will be chosen by the town to make decisions. Another body of people will be elected to make sure that the leader is doing the right things. This body of elected people will represent the feelings of the people of the town. Both the leader and the representative body can be changed through elections if they fail to do a good job.

  1. A male leader of the town will take the power of the government of the town. He will have power to make all decisions for the town. He will have the title of “Grand Poohbah.” When he dies he will be replaced by his oldest son who will inherit his father’s title.

  1. The town will be ruled by an elected council. This council can be changed every two years with new elections. The town will also employ the only doctor available who will provide free healthcare to every citizen of the town.

  1. The town is ruled by the top general of the town’s army. He took power in the town when he had the elected official shot by firing squad. He alone makes all of the decisions for the town. He also has sole power to name his replacement.

  1. The people of the town have elected one woman to make all decisions concerning the town. Every decision she makes will be for the best interests of the town and for the town’s reputation even if it is not in the best interest of the people.

  1. The town’s minister of its only church is the leader of the community. The minister makes decisions with the help of the church council. Only members of the church may be on the council.

  1. The town has no government. All members of the town may do whatever they believe is in their own best interests.

  1. Like the ancient Greek city, Sparta, the town is ruled by two kings. These kings consult each other on all decisions and cannot make a decision unless both agree.

  1. The town is ruled by the best baseball players in the town. These players elect a manager who makes all of the decisions. Those people who do not play baseball are forced to live in the worst part of the community and may not be doctors or lawyers. All decisions made by the manager are in the best interests of baseball.

  1. The town is divided into 4 sections. Each section is controlled by the dominant family in that section. Only members of the ruling families may partake in making decisions. If someone crosses out of their section into another, they are usually killed or captured and kept as a slave.

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