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English Channel Tunnel – Chunnel

Web Quest
Go to;
Read the first page and answer the following questions.

  1. How much did the Chunnel cost to build?

  2. Why was it built?

  3. Describe the tunnel structure.

  4. How long is the tunnel?

  5. How much of the tunnel is under water?

  6. How long are you under water during a trip?

  7. What did Britain do with all the rubble from the construction?

Click on the link for the diagram of the Chunnel

  1. What part of the earth is the Chunnel in?

Click on the link for ticket prices.

  1. Give me a price for a round trip across the English Channel via the Chunnel in U.S. dollars.

Departure city: Arrival city: Cost =
Go back on the browser, then choose the link on the left for Eurostar tickets. Choose the link for Eurostar service under the Useful Eurostar links below the calendar.

  1. What language is spoken by the attendants?

  2. What 3 capitals of Europe are connected by the Eurostar Train?

  3. How many cars does each train have?

  4. Describe the cars on each train?

  5. What is the total seating capacity on each train?

  6. How long does it take to go from Paris to London via the tunnel?

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