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Ws. Naming Hypothesis/Confidence Intervals Name_________________

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1-sample t-interval

confidence interval for a mean

1-proportion z-interval

confidence interval for a proportion

2-sample t-interval

confidence interval for the difference between two means (independent)

2-proportion z-interval

confidence interval for the difference between two proportions

1-sample t-test

hypothesis test for a mean

1-proportion z-test

hypothesis test for a proportion

2-sample t-test

hypothesis test for the difference between two means (independent)

Paired t-test

hypothesis test for a paired difference

2-proportion z-test

hypothesis test for the difference between two proportions

-test for goodness of fit

-test for Indpendence/ homogeneity

Match the following situations with the above hypothesis test or confidence interval:

1. Does the general public respect politicians more after an election than before? 500 people were asked if they respected politicians before the election and then 500 people were asked after the election.

2. You have conducted a survey about whether Americans are in favor of additional nuclear power plants being constructed. Determine a likely range of values for the true percent of Americans in favor of the proposition.

3. How much greater is the proportion of senior citizens that attend a play at least once per year compared with attendance for people in their twenties? 100 senior citizens and 100 people in their twenties were questioned.

  1. Do politicians who are democrats spend more time with lobbyists than do republican politicians? 35 democrats and 35 republicans took part in the survey.

  1. Do people spend more time listening to music in their cars than at home? 600 people were asked how many hours they listened at home and how many hours they listened in their cars.

  1. Over the past many years, the average daily attendance at the theatre was 147. This year forty randomly selected days produced a mean of 150. Has attendance improved this year?

  1. Is the distribution of ages at a university normally distributed? Counts were taken of students within one, two, and three standard deviations from the mean.

  1. Does the home team win the majority of the time? 100 games were observed.

  1. Do college students listen to the same radio stations as the general public? 2000 college students were asked what radio station they listened to. Their choices were compared to the known overall ratings.

  1. Will a light bulb last for more than 500 hours on the average? 200 bulbs were observed.

  1. Do people smoke less when the cigarettes cost more? 500 people were tracked before a 30% cigarette tax was imposed and after the tax was imposed.

  1. Are people more likely to die of heart disease or cancer? 20,000 death certificates were examined.

  1. A stadium manager is interested in whether the fans that buy tickets are demographically the same as the general population of the city. Currently 42% are Caucasian, 35% are Hispanic, 12% are African American, 8% are Asian, and the rest are defined as other.

  1. What is the president's approval rating? 1500 US citizens were asked whether they approved of the job that the president was doing.

  1. An amusement park owner is considering changing her model from "pay for each ride" to "one fee for all rides." She observes 2000 guests to see if they spend less than the $30 fee that she intends to put into place.

  1. How much faster are male swimmers than female swimmers? 40 men and 30 women were selected at random to swim in a 100-meter race.

  1. What is the average loss for new businesses during their first year? 82 new businesses were tracked

  1. A fitness guru wants to know if time spent watching TV is related to cardiovascular fitness. The TV viewing and fitness levels are recorded for each of 500 volunteers.


1. I

2. B

3. D

4. G

5. H

6. E

7. J

8. F

9. J

10. E

11. H

12. I

13. J

14. B

15. E

16. C

17. A

18. K

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