Name: Date: Underground Railroad Pre-test Worth: 50 points Part 1: True or false (10 points)

Part 3: Important key terms (10 points)

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Part 3: Important key terms (10 points)

Levi Coffin The Drinking Gourd

Slave catcher Harriet Tubman

Safe houses Stationmasters

Frederick Douglas Conductors

Patrollers Quakers
Instructions: Please put the corresponding word on the blank next to the corresponding definition.

1. An escaped slave and abolitionist who published The North Star, an anti-slavery newspaper. ___________________

2. Code name for the Big Dipper, the group of stars runaway slaves used to locate the North Star. ___________________

3. A Quaker who was ant-slavery, his home was a station on the Underground Railroad. He helped more than 2,000 slaves escape. ___________________

4. People who allowed runaway slaves to hide in their homes. ___________________

5. A religious community founded in England in the 17th Century, also known as the Society of Friends. Many people in this group felt it was their duty to help slaves find freedom. ___________________

6. A place where fleeing slaves could seek food and shelter. ___________________

7. People who guided escaped slaves on the Underground Railroad, telling them where to go next. ___________________

8. A person who made money by finding escaped slaves, capturing them, and returning them to their owners. ___________________

9. An escaped slave and one of the most famous conductors on the Underground Railroad, helped lead over 300 slaves to freedom. ___________________

10. Men who searched for escaped slaves. ___________________

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