Name: Date: Underground Railroad Pre-test Worth: 50 points Part 1: True or false (10 points)

Part 2: Multiple choice (10points)

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Part 2: Multiple choice (10points)

Instructions: Circle the best possible answer.

1. What was the most common way people traveled on the Underground Railroad?

a. By train

b. By foot

c. By horse

d. By boat

2. About how many slaves escaped using the Underground Railroad?

a. 500

b. 5,000

c. 10,000

d. 100,000

3. What quote was referring to early spring, which was a good time to escape on the Underground Railroad?

a. “Whew, it’s getting warm out.”

b. “When the sun comes up, it’s time to work.”

c. “It is about that time of year again.”

d. “When the sun comes back and the first quail calls.”

4. What famous conductor of the Underground Railroad was a former slave who had a reward for $40,000 placed on her capture?

a. Harriet Beecher Stowe

b. Sojourner Truth

c. Harriet Tubman

d. Frederick Douglas

5. What phrase was a reminder to slaves that if the North Star wasn’t visible, moss grew only on the north side of dead trees, so they could tell which way to walk.

a. “Follow the tall trees.”

b. “The tallest trees with lead you to the north.”

c. “The dead trees will show you the way.”

d. “Go the opposite way of the dead trees with the moss on it.”

Download 227.29 Kb.

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