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The Righteous
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Single Voices Who Made A Multitude of Difference
During World War II, Holocaust Rescuers—also known as The Righteous—worked to keep persecuted people alive, defying Hitler and the Nazis. The Righteous were ordinary people from myriad countries who acted extraordinarily to rebel against the immorality of Hitler’s policies.
Unlike the Nazis who considered Jewish and other persecuted people their enemies, the Righteous saw them as fellow human beings in need of help. Their rescue stories are as different as the people and situations, but courage and compassion are the crux of every single one.
Wall of the Righteous

In Noodle Tools…

  • Create a new project. Name it “The Righteous.”

  • Create one note card. The title of the note card is the name of your rescuer.

  • Google your rescuer’s name. Decide on a reliable source. Make a citation in Noodle Tools for that source.

  • In the Direct Quotations section…

    • List any facts that contain statistics/numbers/percent(s)

    • Copy a quote about or by your rescuer that shows or supports him/her as a single voice who made a difference

  • In the Paraphrase section…

    • Write a bulleted list of WHAT the rescuer did to help Jewish people or other persecuted people during the Holocaust.

    • Add to the bulleted list any details that tell HOW or WHY the rescuer did what he/she did.

    • Total of at least 8 to 10 details

  • In the My Ideas section…

    • Give your opinion about what the rescuer did.

      • ! (I can’t believe… or it is surprising that…)

      • ? (what/how/what if).

In Microsoft Word…

  • Insert a photo or image of your rescuer.

  • Write two paragraphs

    • 1: Explain the WHAT, HOW, and WHY from the Paraphrase section

    • 2: Explain why you think this person’s actions show him/her as a single voice who made a multitude of difference

      • In at least one of the paragraphs, include an in-text citation from your research. This can be a statistic or a quote.

Noodle Tools: CHECKLIST!

_____ Citation for web site correct.

_____ At least one fact/statistic/quote listed in the “Direct Quotations section.”

_____ A list of 8 to 12 details about the WHAT, HOW, and WHY of the rescue
**List of possible Righteous Rescuers provided on the back.
Use the list of rescuers below to determine who you would like to research further. Then, decide on one rescuer you would like to focus on and begin your work in noodle tools.

  1. Chiune Sugihara

  2. Varian Fry

  3. Raoul Wallenberg

  4. Carlo Angela

  5. Arrigo Beccari

  6. Cipriana Selva

  7. Beniamino Schivo

  8. Maddalena Giraudo

  9. Adelaide Hautval

  10. Raoul Laporterie

  11. Per Anger

  12. Bert Bochove

  13. Gertruda Babilinska

  14. Alex and Mela Roslan

  15. Irene Opdyke

  16. Jan Karski

  17. Irena Sendler

  18. Hugh O'Flaherty

  19. Martha and Waitstill Sharp

  20. Hiram "Harry" Bingham IV

  21. André Trocmé

  22. Carl Lutz

  23. Jan and Antonina Zabinsk

  24. Ida Brunelli-Lenti

  25. Feng-Shan Ho

  26. Roger & Jeanette Voinot

  27. Gennady Safono

  28. Adolf and Maria Althoff

  29. Stefan Raczynski

  30. John Henry Weidner

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