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First Amendment:

  1. List the five freedoms in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution

a. Freedom of speech

b. Freedom of press

c. Freedom of religion

d. Freedom of assembly

e. Right to petition the government

  1. Ultimately, under the Articles of Confederation, the states had the most power.

  2. Which of the following is NOT a part of the Great Compromise? (Put a beside the correct answer)

____ congressional representation based on population of a state

____ equal congressional representation for each state

____ the New York Plan

____ the New Jersey Plan

  1. Put a beside the one that tells what the Great Compromise was also known as

____ Connecticut Plan ____ Virginia Plan ____ New Jersey Plan ____ New York Plan

  1. Virginia thought the best way to resolve the problem of representation in Congress was to

(let all states decided how many representative they wanted, have proportional representation,

have equal representation).

  1. A result of the Great Compromise is that it (Put a beside the correct answer)

____ created a lawmaking body of two houses.

____ provided for a unicameral legislature.

____ allowed only one house of Congress.

____ allowed slaves to be counted for tax purposes.

  1. The Commerce and the 3/5 were compromises that dealt with slavery at the Constitutional Convention.

Which compromise…

- stopped the slave trade in 1808? Commerce

- settled how slaves would be counted for taxation & representation purposes? 3/5

- allowed Congress to control foreign & interstate trade? Commerce

- dealt with runaway slaves? Commerce

  1. Put a beside the one that explains what the three-fifths compromise allowed.

____ every three slaves to be counted as five people for taxation & representation purposes

____ the southern states to pay only 3/5 of the taxes owed on the slaves

____ northern states to count only 3/5 of their population for taxation

____ every five slaves to be counted as three people for taxation & representation purposes

  1. Which article of the Constitution details the methods and procedures for changing the Constitution? Article 5

  2. Article 3 of the Constitution establishes the judicial branch of the federal government, including the Supreme Court and all other federal judges.

  1. In 1787, nine of the thirteen states were needed to (Put a beside the correct answer)

____ ratify the Constitution

____ propose making a new state

____ elect a president

____ approve federal judges

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