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Will have a president, legislature, and court system—

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Will have a president, legislature, and court system—Three Branches of Government!

  • Chief executive chosen by legislature and court system

    1. Who wrote the New Jersey Plan and what did it include?

    1. Unicameral Legislature (One – house)

    2. Representation in legislature will be the same for all states

    3. Congress could tax and regulate trade

    1. What was the Great Compromise?

    1. Resolved Virginia and New Jersey Plans

    2. Bicameral legislature (Two – houses)

    3. Representation in one house (the House of Representatives) will be determined by population (representative elected by the people)

    4. Representation in the other house (the Senate) will be the same for each state (two per state, elected by the state legislature)

    1. What was the 3/5ths Compromise?

      1. Counted every 5 slaves as 3 free persons for taxation and representation purposes in Congress.

    1. What did the Anti-Federalists demand be added to the U.S. Constitution before they would ratify it? Why did they demand this?

      1. Bill of Rights

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