Name: Date Social Studies 9 The Impact of wwii on Americans Warm Up Activity

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Social Studies 9

The Impact of WWII on Americans

Warm Up Activity:

American GI’s in World War II

Prediction about American World War II Soldiers

Thoughts on American WWII based on video

Main Idea:


Directions: Below are three statements that describe the economic difficulties that the U.S. faced in fighting WWII. As you read chapter 35.2 in History Alive! (449-451), write a sentence next to it that describes how the government addressed the problem.

Economic Problem

How did the United States address it?

The economy had to shift from consumer production (making things for citizens to buy) to military production (making things to fight the war)

The government needed a large amount of money to fight the war.

Inflation and overconsumption (overspending) threatened the economy.

War Production BoardOut of the Frying Pan Disney Cartoon

Rationing During World War II

How did World War II Affect Different Americans?

Directions: Read the various sections in chapter 35. For each of the following groups (GIs, Women, African Americans, and Japanese Americans), list the opportunities they gained from the war on the left, and the hardships they experienced from the war on the right.




Chapter 35, Section 3(452-453)

American GI’s

Chapter 35, Section 4 (454-455)

Japanese Americans




Chapter 35, Section 5 (456-457)

American Women

Chapter 35, Section 6 (458-459)

African- Americans

Coursesites Discussion: Overall, do you think that WWII had a positive or negative effect on the U.S. at home? Back up your claims with historical information gathered during this station activity

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