Name Date Period Holocaust Texts: Analyzing Key Ideas and Details: Assignments and Goals

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Holocaust Texts: Analyzing Key Ideas and Details:
Assignments and Goals:





# 1. Time line

Read the texts and underline dates. Provide students an exact number that they must find and place in a time line/story board

Sequence of events

#2. First Read: Concept Map

Underline words or phrases that are repeated to determine the key concept: Concept Map Key Idea

To identify the KEY IDEA

#3. Second Read: Annotation

- Student will choose the most important sentence in each paragraph

- Use this information to determine the claim


#4. Analyze how a key event or idea is introduced

Annotate for evidence:

-rhetorical devices

To identify and analyze types of EVIDENCE

#5. Visual “Claim” Poster Concept

Use words and images to represent the author’s claim in a poster

To identify the Claim/KEY IDEA

#6. Analyze the order in which the points are made

Create a Supporting Idea Organizer

-Analysis of organization


To identify and analyze author’s style

#7. Analyze the connections between key ideas

-Identify genres, audience, and purpose.

-Analyze how evidence and rhetorical appeal connect to purpose

To identify and analyze purpose

#8 Rhetorical Summary

Analyze how the author unfolds his examination of ideas.


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