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American History Final Examination Essay Question (CP) revised 2014

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Use the back of this paper, or a sheet of notebook paper to outline, brainstorm, or organize your thoughts and ideas if necessary. You must turn this instruction sheet, any prewriting, and all of your essay responses together.
Remember to organize your essays using appropriate vocabulary (NO “STUFF” Etc…) and specific examples, including people places and events, wherever possible.
You are to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in a free response question. The more you prove your points with accuracy and relevance, the higher the grade you will earn.
Mandatory Essay:
You have been accepted to be an exchange student, representing the United States as you travel to Australia. Part of your obligation is to speak about the most significant event to take place in the United States since 1900. You are able to present any topic of US History in the past 113 years that shows relevance to today.
Your hosts have asked you to:

  • Justify at least three specific reasons that defends your rationale for choosing the event (Why is this event so important to know about?)

  • Describe two major leaders/people whom had a impact on this event (Who has helped shape American History?)

  • and Connect one lasting/ enduring influence this event has on citizens today (Demonstrate the connection of the past to the present).

Write the speech/script that you will present to a group who is expecting you to demonstrate mastery and knowledge of an important U.S. topic.

Main Topic:

Justify Why #2

Justify Why #`1 (least important /weakest point)

Justify Why #3 (best reason/strongest point)

  • Demonstrate/ Connect lasting/contemporary effect to today’s citizens.

    Incorporate 2 leaders/individuals/people who shaped this historic event.

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