Name: Date: Jacksonian Democracy and 19th Century Reform Movements

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Jacksonian Democracy and 19th Century Reform Movements

  1. Jacksonian Democracy

    1. Who was Andrew Jackson?

    1. What was the Spoils System?

    1. According to the quote from Calvin Colton, who can hold public office?

    1. When was the Indian Removal Act passed?

    1. In what state did forcible Indian Removal begin?

    1. Looking at the map, where did were most Indians relocated to?

  1. Trail of Tears

    1. What was the Trail of Tears?

    1. What was life like for Indians traveling along the Trail of Tears?

    1. Who issued the Indian Removal Act of 1830?

    1. What were Indians given in exchange for their land in the South?

    1. Why did some Americans, like Andrew Jackson, believe the Indians should be relocated?

  1. Abolitionism

    1. Define Abolition.

    1. What was the spark for the major Abolitionist Movement that began in the 1830s? Why do you think this event was important in starting the push for the end of American slavery? (Hint: think about the purpose of a religious revival)

    1. Who was Frederick Douglass?

  1. Temperance

1. What is temperance?

2. Why did many Americans, especially women, want to ban alcohol?

3. What Amendment prohibited people from manufacturing, selling, transporting, and importing or exporting “intoxicating liquors.”

4. What did the 21st Amendment do?

  1. Horace Mann and Education Reform

1. Who was Horace Mann?

2. What was Horace Mann’s nickname?

3. List some achievements of Horace Mann and educational reform.

4. Why do you think we learn about Horace Mann in school today?

  1. Women’s Suffrage and the Seneca Falls Convention

    1. Who was Elizabeth Cady Stanton? Why is she important to the history of the United States?

    1. Why did Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott organize the Seneca Falls Convention?

    1. What did the Seneca Falls Convention accomplish?

    1. List some of the complaints women made in the Declaration of Sentiments.

    1. When did women gain the right to vote?

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