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rom Morte d’Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory, p. 176


8. This noble knight dies as he tries to help King Arthur.

9. What two properties was Sir Mordred given at the beginning?

13. King Arthur went on a ______ to be tended by three ladies.

14. The knight that tells King Arthur he must go to France and find Sir Lancelot.

15. Who will come and rescue him in a month's time?

17. Both Arthur and Mordred tell their men to ______ the other.

18. The weapon used to kill Sir Mordred.

20. The place King Arthur is taken by Sir Lucan.

21. These were men who pillaged the knights, killing some of them for their riches.

22. This thing came and took the sward away when it was thrown in the water.

23. The illegitimate son of King Arthur.


1. The three women in the barge.

2. Medieval romances include knights, battles, honor, love and elements of _______

3. Sir Bedivere is to throw this sward into a lake and tell the king what he sees.

4. The story starts with the king having a dream full of ______.

5. Who has won the first battle?

6. the word avision means ______.

7. King Arthur's sister.

10. The place where Arthur is said to dwell until his return.

11. Sir Gawain tells the king that he will die _______ if he fights Mordred.

12. Sir Bedivere sees a _____ as he comes to a chapel.

15. The weapon used to wound King Arthur.

16. These were the only two knights left standing from the first battle.

19. King Arthur feels _____ by Sir Bedivere because Bedivere keeps the sward for its riches.

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