Name: Date: Core: Page 88 America the Story of us: Civil War

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Name: Date: Core: Page 88

America the Story of US: Civil War

  1. A new bullet design brought the war to a dead lock bringing death to a scale never seen. This new bullet is called a ________________ ball. The north will make ___________________ billion of these bullets.

  2. The Civil War is the 1st __________________ _______________________.

  3. The rifles in the Civil War are much __________________ to reload and much more _______________.

  4. But the military still used traditional tactics. T/F

  5. By the end of the war over ____________________ men on BOTH sides are dead. _______ % of the population.

  6. General _________ __ __________ is the leader of the Confederate Army and the Army of Northern Virginia.

  7. After the election of Lincoln the southern states decide to fight and form their own _____________.

  8. The South was expected to win this war. T/F

  9. The _______­­­______ ______________ was a hidden weapon of the war that the North possessed and could move large number of troops and supplies quickly.

  10. The north also has another advantage of more factories and industry than the south. T/F

  11. The invention of the ____________________ greatly improved communication during the war.

  12. Which side used this communication technology more effectively? North or South.

  13. At Antietam in 1862, _________________ are killed, _______________ are wounded.

  14. 3/4 of all medical operation are ______________________.

  15. Twice as many soldiers die from infections and disease than on the ______________________.

  16. Nurses become essential to the war effort. ______________ __________________ is a famous Civil War nurse who will later establish the American Red Cross.

  17. The ________________________ made it possible for the gory images of the battlefield can reach home and newspapers.

  18. _______________ allowed dead soldiers to be returned home free from decomposition.

  19. In Sept 1862, Lincoln gives the south an ultimatum, ___________ the union or lose your _______________.

  20. Jan 1, 1863, Abraham Lincoln issues the Emancipation Proclamation which ___________ the slaves in the south.

  21. Blacks rushed to enlist in the union army after the Emancipation Proclamation. T/F

  22. In 1863, Lincoln gives his _____________________ ________________________ . The most famous piece of political rhetoric (speech) in American History.

  23. By 1864, the war remains ______________________.

  24. General ______________________ is responsible for bring the south to its knees by destroying everything in his path from Atlanta to Savannah.

  25. Within a week of the war’s end, Lincoln lies _____________.

  26. The nation is once again ________ and now grows a modern ____________________ economy.

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