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Puritan Webquest
Directions: Follow the links, as you get to them (you may need to copy and paste the link, rather than simply clicking on it). As you find the information necessary, type your answers to the questions in the space provided. Once you have completed the Webquest, make sure that your name is at the top of your paper, print it to the Library printer, and turn it in to Miss Dohrn.
Website #1:
Define the following words:

1. Reformation: (the definition that deals with a religious movement)

2. persecution:

3. theological:

4. predestination:

6. pious:

7. claim:

8. data:

9. warrant:

Website #2:

  1. Who are the Puritans?

  1. Who led the Puritans? What did he remind them of while on The Arabella?

  1. Once in New England, what did they establish?

  1. What are three tenets John Calvin taught his followers?

  1. As a successful leader, what are character traits you would imagine John Winthrop possessing?

  1. How do Winthrop’s beliefs align (or do not align) with your beliefs? (Make a connection about the Puritan belief system and your belief system, if there are no connections, explain why.)

Website #3:

  1. What did the clergy and conservative laymen attempt to maintain within the first 10 years of establishing Massachusetts?

  1. What did the Massachusetts Bay Colony lay the foundation for in regards to commerce?

  1. Who is William Penn? What did he do for the Massachusetts Bay Colony?

  1. Why were so many people traveling to the Massachusetts Bay Colony? What was attracting them to

this area of the country?

Website #4:

  1. How did Puritans belief in God influence their daily life?

  1. What did Puritans fear? Make a prediction about how this fear will consume their daily life.

  1. According to this website, what is the fundamental Puritan belief?

Website #5:

  1. When did adultery become a capital crime? (Capital crime is a crime in which the punishment can be death.)

  1. Why did men receive less punishment than women? (Hint: Whom did they see them committing crimes against?

  1. Was Puritan society a Patriarchy (male dominant) or Matriarchy (female dominant)? How did this characteristic affect the community?

  1. Apply William Bradford’s quote at the top of the page to your new knowledge about the Puritans. Explain how Bradford’s quote applies to the values and traditions of the Puritans.

Website #6:

  1. List each person in the prologue and explain his or her role within the Witchcraft Hysteria.

  1. Who did the girls blame?

  1. Why did she confess?

Website #7:

  1. As you work through the simulation, what is the mood? (Mood: how the author makes the reader feel)

  1. Did you or did you not confess? Explain why someone might confess even though they did not commit the crime? Who influences this decision to confess or to not confess?

Now that you have some background information on the Puritans and their way of life, in a short constructed response (full paragraph) answer the following question:
Explain the morals and values the Puritans held within their society. Offer an explanation as to how these morals and values, perhaps even just aspects of their values, are apparent in our society today.



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