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Al Capone Does My Shirts

Web Quest

1. Visit and write down the definition for Alcatraz. (Be sure you know how to correctly pronounce it!)


Click on the “Most Commonly Asked Questions” and answer the following questions:

2. If you were an inmate at Alcatraz, could your mother come and visit you every week to tell you what is going on in the news? Explain why or why not.

3. How many inmates were successful at escaping from the island? (But were later captured and brought back.) How many were killed while trying to escape?

Click on the “Daily Inmate Routine” and answer the following questions:

4. What time do the inmates each lunch?

5. List some ways that the inmates’ schedule/routine is similar to your school day. How is it different?

Click on “Alcatraz – A Brief History” to answer the next set of questions.

6. How did prisoners arrive at Alcatraz? (paragraph 1)

7. What does the Spanish name for Alcatraz mean? (Paragraph 5)

8. How did the U.S. Military use the island? (Paragraph 6)

Click on “Famous Alcatraz Inmates” and select “Al Capone.”

9. Read the first three paragraphs and share the most interesting piece of information you learned or already knew.

Click on “Escape Attempts”

10. Explain what happened on August 7, 1943. Include all details of the attempted escape.

11. How many attempted escapes were there on the island?

Click on “Alcatraz Rules and Regulations”

12. What is rule number 1 on Alcatraz? Explain. How is this similar to a school rule?

13. When are movies shown on the island? (Hint…scroll down to bottom)

Now carefully type in and enjoy the two pages of pictures.

14. What was Al’s cell number?

15. Choose one of the pictures on this website and write 3-4 sentences describing that picture. Give good details and write in complete sentences. Try your best to draw this picture in the space below your description.

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