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Letters Home from the Philippines by American Soldiers

Arthur H. Vickers, Sergeant in the First Nebraska Regiment:

I am not afraid, and am always ready to do my duty, but I would like some one to tell me what we are fighting for.

Guy Williams, of the Iowa Regiment:

The soldiers made short work of the whole thing. They looted every house, and found almost everything, from a pair of wooden shoes up to a piano, and they carried everything off or destroyed it. Talk of the natives plundering the towns: I don’t think they are in it with the Fiftieth Iowa.

General Reeve, lately Colonel of the Thirteenth Minnesota Regiment:

I deprecate this war, this slaughter of our own boys and of the Filipinos, because it seems to me that we are doing something that is contrary to our principles in the past. Certainly we are doing something that we should have shrunk from not so very long ago.

  1. How do American soldiers feel about the conflict in the Philippines? Generally, then use an example from each.

Generally (approve disapprove) ________________________________________________________________________ Vickers: __________________________________________________________________________________________ Williams:__________________________________________________________________________________________Reeve:____________________________________________________________________________________________

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