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Part A

Short Answer

Directions: Carefully examine each document and then answer the question in reference to it.

Document 1

O.P. Austin, “Does Colonization Pay” The Forum, 1900

“Modern progressive nations lying in the temperate zone [Europe and North America] seek to control garden spots’ in the tropics. [mainly in Africa, Latin America, and Asia] Under [the progressive nations] direction, these places can yield tropical produce [fruits and vegetables]. In return, the progressive nations bring to the people of those garden spots the foodstuffs and manufactured goods they need. [Progressive nations] develop the territory by building roads, canals, railways, and telegraphs. They can establish schools and newspapers for the colonies [and] give these people the benefit of other blessings of civilization which they have not the means of creating themselves.”

  1. What do “progressive nations” [Europe, North American] get from their colonies?


  1. According to the author, list 6 benefits colonies receive from the “modern progressive nations”?



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