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The 1930s : Franklin D. Roosevelt
DIRECTIONS: Answer the following questions from the movie, with the help of your textbook or the Internet.

See Ch. 25, Sec. 1, 2, & 3 and Ch 26, Sec. 1 & 2 in your textbook.

. What number President was FDR? Number: ______   

2. Was he a Republican or a Democrat? Circle one.

3. What FDR’s relation to Theodore Roosevelt?

     a. Son c. Cousin

     b. Brother d. No relation.

4. At the age of 39, FDR was diagnosed with

which crippling disease? __________________

5. Why did FDR only want to be photographed

when he was standing, or from behind his desk,

or while in his car? __________________________________________________________

6. FDR used the ________________________ to bring the presidency closer to the people.


. It is estimated that as many as 60% of Americans tuned in to listen to his radio broadcasts,

which were known as __________________________

8. During his first 100 Days in office, FDR pushed

an unprecedented slate of legislation through

Congress to fight the Depression. This was the start

of the _______________________

9. Who was FDR’s great political partner in the

New Deal? What was her name?_______________


10. The New Deal expanded beyond those first 100

Days. In 1935, Congress passed the

____________________________________ Act,

creating a safety net for the elderly, disabled and _______________________________

11. How did the people show their over-whelming approval for FDR and his policies in 1936?


12. During his 2nd term as president, FDR tried to increase the size of the __________________

13. Why did FDR try to “pack the court”, or increase it’s size from 6 to 9 justices? __________


14. Francis Perkins, FDR’s Secretary of Labor, was the first ____________________________



15. FDR began to warn the American people that they may have to do what? _______________


16. In the summer of 1940, which major European nation fell to the invading forces of Nazi

Germany? __________________________________

17. Because of the events of World War II, it seemed inevitable that FDR would do what, for an

unprecedented 3rd time? ______________________________________________________

18. Through 1940 & most of 1941, America found ways to aid the Allies and still remain

officially neutral. List the 3 main European nations that were known as the Allies.


“…a date which will live in infamy. ”

19. The partial quote above, taken from a speech given by FDR to Congress and the Nation in

1941, is referring to which infamous event that pulled us into World War II? ____________


20. On what specific date did it occur? ____________________________________

21. Because of the hysteria of war, FDR controversially ordered the internment (or temporary

imprisonment) of 100,000 ____________________________________________________.


2. FDR has also been criticized for not more immediately

helping which group of people in Europe?


23. Five months after D-Day, FDR was elected to an

unprecedented _______________________________


24. How and when did FDR die? _____________________


CLASS DISCUSSION: Winston Churchill, FDR, & Joseph Stalin at the Yalta Conference in 1945

25. FDR’s New Deal didn’t put an end to the Great Depression. When did the Great Depression

come to an end? ____________________________________________________________


26. Explain how FDR and his policies did help the American people? ____________________



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