Name: Class Period: Butch Cassidy and the Railroad Movie Notes

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Butch Cassidy and the Railroad Movie Notes

  1. Who was the group that did the Wilcox robbery and who was their leader?

  1. Who was Butch Cassidy’s sidekick?

  1. “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were the last of the ________________ _________________ of the west.”

  2. What was Butch Cassidy’s name at birth?

  1. What religion was Butch Cassidy at birth?

  1. Where did Robert (Bobby) Parker meet Mike Cassidy?

  1. What did Cassidy fill Robert’s head with?

  1. What town did Robert Parker go to in 1884?

  1. What job did Robert Parker take in Telluride?

  1. Why were most bank robberies unsuccessful in the west?

  1. What things did Robert Parker do to plan the escape from his first bank robbery?

  1. Why did Robert Parker change his name to Butch Cassidy?

  1. Where did Harry Longabaugh grow up?

  1. Where did Harry Longabaugh learn to be a cowboy?

  1. Why did the jobs for cowboys disappear?

  1. What did Harry go to jail for, and what nickname did he get there?

  1. Why were trains easier to rob?

  1. What benefits did American outlaws have in the west?

  1. Where did Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid meet?

  1. In August of 1897, what bank did Butch Cassidy and Sundance knock off?

  1. “Butch understood one simple premise, he didn’t have to _________ people.”

  1. Pinkerton’s national detective agency was the country’s first_____________________________________.

  1. Who did the Pinkertons become the private police force for?

  1. What did Pinkerton’s agents start tracking instead of hoofprints to track the Wild Bunch?

  1. Where was Butch working as a cowboy when he narrowly escaped capture?

  1. Where was the end of the trail for Butch and Sundance?

  1. What was the only option for Butch and Sundance if they wanted to stay free and alive?

  1. What country was the land of opportunity in those days?

  1. Who did Sundance and Butch Cassidy travel to New York with?

  1. After the Wilcox robbery, trains began to employ what?

  1. In 1903, Pinkerton intercepted something Butch Cassidy sent. What did they intercept?

  1. What was the local constable in Argentina ordered to do?

  1. What mining town did Butch and Sundance take shelter in?

  1. What happened to Butch and Sundance?

  1. What types of storied started to be spread after Butch and Sundance died about them?

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