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Mark Twain Study Guide

  1. In “Stage Fright,” Mark Twain tells about the time when he first spoke in front of an audience. What kind of lecture did he give?

  2. What do the words stage fright mean?

  3. In “Stage Fright,” why does Twain get to the theater forty-five minutes before his lecture?

  4. What does Susy Clemens's perspective, or viewpoint, reveal?

  5. Which detail from “My Papa, Mark Twain” most clearly reveals that this biography was written by Mark Twain's daughter?


    My papa smokes a great deal.


    He played a trick on her.


    He can’t understand simple things.


    Mark Twain didn’t like to go to church.

  6. How did Susy describe her father?

  7. Which phrase best describes Mark Twain as Susy Clemens presents him?


    youthful and athletic


    humorous and kind


    quiet and shy


    strict and proper

  8. 5.A(n) ­­­­­_______________ is information that can be checked and proved.

  9. A(n) ______________ is a person's judgment or belief.

  10. “He doesn't wear a beard.” Fact or opinion?

  1. “It is a wonderfully beautiful and touching little scene.” Fact or opinion?

  2. “We consist of Papa, Mamma, Jean, Clara, and me.” Fact or opinion?

  3. “She let him go into a printing office to learn the trade.” Fact or opinion?

  4. Why do you think Susy Clemens includes the description of Twain's problems with the burglar alarm?

  5. What does Susy Clemens's perspective add to “My Papa, Mark Twain” that another author's could not add?

Vocabulary words to know: absentminded consequently extraordinary incessantly

Use evidence from “My Papa, Mark Twain” to write an essay telling whether you would like or dislike having Mark Twain as a father. Start your essay explaining if it’s a fact or an opinion.

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