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SS 10 Assignment # 4 Louis Riel Debate/Trial

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Louis Riel is considered one of the most controversial figures in Canadian History. His leadership of the Metis in both the Red River (1869) and North West Rebellions (1885) has sparked over a century of debate concerning his character. To French-speaking Canada, Riel is a symbol of the injustices English-speaking Canada have imposed on them since Confederation, and a hero/martyr in the on-going struggle between the two “warring nations”. To others he is simply an egotistical madman rebel who betrayed his country.

In the next 2 weeks you will be preparing YOUR CASE to either defend or prosecute Louis Riel’s actions in both rebellions.

2 videos-Louis Riel Part 1 and 2; Horizons pp 155-160, 181-192; Canada Revisited pp 209-222, 248-253; various handouts & notes

  • Other web sources will be posted on the wiki under ‘Links’


/24 marks based on debating skills/preparation using the Rubric on back

The Debate will take place on Thurs DAY April 25

(*since this is an in-class Assignment-if you are legitimately absent, you will need to complete an alternate essay.)

* Tips for an effective Debate:

  • Research, research, research (Become an expert!)

  • Plan/organize your arguments (Save the best for last)

  • Remember to include LOGIC and EMOTION (Appeal to Head and Heart)

  • *use specific evidence: facts-quotes-stats

  • Anticipate your opponents key points (Prepare the other side)

  • Attack/criticize IDEAS not PEOPLE (No name-calling)

  • Listening is EQUALLY important as Talking

  • *Prepare a formal opening statement- 2 MINUTES MAXIMUM per TEAM!

  • Follow the procedures, protocols and guidelines on Debate Day!

Assignment #5B: Louis Riel Storybook: Superhero or Supervillian?

Imagine…You have to explain to your younger brothers, sisters or cousins the story of Louis Riel and the Red River/ Northwest Rebellions, would you portray him as a Hero or a Villain?

Your task is to construct a Louis Riel Storybook. This storybook must include 4 of the key events and 3 of the key people we have discussed in this unit section. You also need to include an obvious bias…either portraying Riel as a “Superhero” or as a “Traitor/Villain”.

Your books will contain both text and illustrations.

Your story must be at least 6 storybook pages in length and show a clear understanding of the events discussed.
Storybooks will be evaluated on the following criteria:
Catchy Title /2

Content (Understanding of events) /10

Artistic Impression (organization, colour, /5

Spelling & Grammar /3

Bias/ P.O.V. (consistent through out) /5

= /25
***Part B Due Date: Tuesday November 18th, 2008***

Download 9.51 Kb.

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