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April Morning Study Guide

Know the definitions of the following terms:

  1. callous

  2. conspirators

  3. impertinence

  4. provincial

  5. provisions

  6. rancor

  7. sedate

  8. tactic

  9. transpired

  10. trudge

Be prepared to answer the following questions:

  1. According to Levi, why did the redcoats come back into Lexington?

  2. How does Adam feel when he goes out to shoulder arms in the common?

  3. How does Moses think the British soldiers will respond to seeing the militia?

  4. Many British soldiers are what?

  5. What does Adam do when his father and Cousin Simmons go to the Committee meeting?

  6. What does Adam hear Cousin Simmons and the Reverend discussing when he wakes up in the middle of the battle?

  7. What does Adam’s father’s face look like when Adam signs the muster book?

  8. What does the British major do when the Reverend begins speaking to the British officers?

  9. What does the rider say the British are after?

  10. What errand does Adam run for his mother?

  11. What is Adam’s main complaint about his father?

  12. What is the muster book?

  13. When did Solomon Chandler learn about the British army and soldiers?

  14. Where do the Committeemen drive the redcoats?

  15. Where does Adam Cooper hide?

  16. Who is the English army made up of, according to Moses Cooper?

  17. Who is the first militiaman to die in the skirmish?

  18. Who is the leader of the redcoats?

  19. Who offers Adam comfort shortly after the first battle?

  20. Who talks down to Adam for being superstitious at the well?

  21. Who tolerates no one’s opinion except his own?

  22. Why does Joseph Simmons stop to see Moses Cooper?

  23. Why does Levi clean Adam’s gun?

  24. Why does the British commander not surrender his army?

  25. Why is Cousin Simmons unsure of signing the muster book?

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