Name: African Nationalist Movements

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African Nationalist Movements
1. Some people think that Europe “civilized” Africa, but how did colonialism actually affect Africa?
2. What did Europeans ignore politically in Africa?

3. What did Europeans ignore when creating colonial borders in Africa?

4. What did colonial rule in Africa disrupt?
5. Many Africans objected to colonial rule. Why didn’t they act?

6. Why did Africans object to colonial rule?

7. What were the only independent countries left in Africa after the Berlin Conference?

8. Who started nationalist movements in Africa?

9. What is a nationalist movement?

10. For the most part, the transfer of power from the Europeans to the Africans went smoothly. What were the three exceptions?

11. What was the Mau Mau?

12. What convinced the British government that they should grant Kenya independence?

13. Why was there so much conflict in the British colony of Nigeria?

14. What did the British government allow Nigerians to do in the late 1940s and 1950s?

15. What caused the deaths of many Congolese people under the rule of King Leopold II?

16. Under King Leopold II’s leadership, what happened to the population of The Congo Free State?

17. What did the Belgian government do in 1908?

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