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e the People

Unit 4 Review
Define the following:
1. Freedom of Expression: The right to make known your beliefs and opinions by means that are protected in the 1st Amendment

2. Freedom of Speech: The right to talk about your beliefs, ideas, or opinions

3. Freedom of the Press: The right to read and write whatever you wish

4. Right to Assemble: Right to meet to discuss beliefs, ideas and feelings

5. Right to Petition: Right to ask government to change things we think are wrong

6. Discriminate: To treat some people unfairly

7. Establishment Clause: Government cannot set up an official religion or favor one religion over another.

  1. Free Exercise Clause: The government may not unfairly limit your right to practice any religious beliefs you wish

  2. Freedom of Belief or Conscience: The government may not force you to believe in something you don’t wish to believe

10. Equal Protection Clause: Part of the 14th Amendment that prevents States from being unfair to people because of race or gender

11. Civil Rights Act of 1964: Ended segregation and said employers could not discriminate because of race, religion, age or gender

12. Fifth Amendment: Protects our right to be treated fairly by the federal Government

13. Fourteenth Amendment: Protects our right to be treated fairly by state and local government

14. Grandfather Clause: Law that said a person could vote if his grandfather had voted

15. Voting Rights Act: Forced states to obey the Constitution and made clear a person could not be denied the right to vote because of color or race

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