Myrlie Evers- wife Byron De La Beckwith

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Ghosts of Mississippi


Medgar Evers- Civil Rights Activists, United States veteran- murdered 1963

Myrlie Evers- wife

Byron De La Beckwith- shooter- defendant

Ed Peters- District Attorney

Bobby Delaughter- Assistant District Attorney- reopened case 1989- prosecutor

Jerry Mitchell- reporter- discovered jury tampering during trial led to new trial

Morris Dees- lawyer for Southern Poverty Law Center

Judge Russell Moore- Bobby Delaughter’s father-in-law

Murder Victims Referenced in the Movie

Emmitt Till Lamar Smith Reverend G.W. Lee

James Chaney Andrew Goodman Michael Schwerner

5th amendment:

Grand Jury must hand down an indictment for a new trial- will not do it without new evidence that was not presented in the first trial (example: new witnesses)

No Double Jeopardy- can’t be tried for the same crime twice, does not include mistrial (no verdict)

6th amendment:

Right to a speedy trial

Mistrial: Trial with no verdict- jury can’t agree, or error occurred; may be set free, or re-tried

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