Myra Horstman Date: 8/31/09 Unit: From Colony to Country Grade: 11 State Standards

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Check for Understanding

Venn diagram

1. What were some major events that occurred in the 1600’s?

2. What were some major events that occurred in the 1700’s?

3. How did the view of a person’s “destiny” throughout the 1600 to 1700’s develop?

4. What issues were similar in the 1600’s and 1700’s? In other issues, what issues were present in each?

5. What scientific laws influenced the start of the American Revolution?

6. How did the natural rights of people become addressed in 1690? Explain the three and who came up with them.

7. What year did the question of the right of slavery finally come into play?

8. What is significant about the shot heard around the world?

9. Who was the first leader of the United States?

10. How did the role of religion change throughout history?
The Right to Be Free

1. What is meant by no taxation without representation? Does anyone know when this idea first came into history?

2. Do you think it was easy for colonial leaders during this time to form this revolution? Explain.

3. How do you think Locke’s rights helped to form parts of the government?

4. Do you think churches today are still used as an outlet for people to discuss political issues? How do people now discuss political issues?

5. During the time of the Pilgrims, how did religion influence the way people viewed government?

6. What is meant by the ideals of equality and natural rights promised by the American Revolution…did not fully materialize?

7. What is the significance of multi-cultural literature being introduced? How do you think this impacted today’s views of individuals of different cultures?

Voices from the Times

1. What ideals do the Declaration of Independence and the anonymous Negro spiritual share?

2. Have these ideals been realized in the United States?

3. What did Thomas Paine mean by “summer soldier” and “sunshine patriot”?

(Possible Responses: those who would join the fight only when the weather was comfortable or the war was successful)

4. To what sentiments or emotions was Thomas Paine appealing?

(Possible responses, love, liberty, patriotism, courage.)


  1. The Language of Literature textbook (28)

  2. A Rational Patriot: Patrick Henry “Speech in the Virginia Convention” worksheet (28 copies)

  3. Venn Diagram worksheet (28 copies)

  4. Handout of Patrick Henry’s Persuasive Techniques (28 copies)

5. Parallel transparency

6. Projector

Students will be evaluated in several ways. First, students Venn Diagrams will be collected at the end of the class for 10 points. Second, students will be asked several Check for Understanding questions throughout lesson.


Students will be instructed to complete their “Speech in the Virginia Convention” worksheets for homework. They will also be told that tomorrow they will be going to the library to do research on more events leading to 1776.

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