My Road to Success By Louie Magbanua

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The next person I will describe is Maia. Maia is a very shy and sweet girl. She is very very introverted. Pretty much a female counter part of jorenz. Maia also likes anime. She would watch anime till 5am and forgets that she has an 8am class. She is often quiet and always observing the group. Lately, Louie told me that she is beginning to interact with the group. She would tickle some of the people specially Val and Jorenz. Maia is also very intelligent. She would solve logical problems with ease. She also is good at writing. Overall, maia is a very intelligent and shy girl.

The next person in Louie’s list of Val. Val is one the closest friends of Louie. She is usually the one always with louie even if they are not in school. She is very jolly and usually laughing when you see her. But deep inside, val has many problems that don’t surface unless you are very close to her. For Louie, she is a strong woman because eventhough she has a lot of problems, she doesn’t bring it to school meaning she does not involve us in her problems at home unlike other people. She is also very kind. She doesn’t brag things about her or about her family. Val is from a rich family. They own a printing company. This company creates signages, tarpaulins and other panaflex products that are offered in the market. There is a chance that the signages that you see in banks are made by Val’s family business because banks are their primary customers. Val is also an intelligent girl. She is also an intelligent girl. She is an over achiever in school. She always gets a high grade in her classes and projects. She is also very popular to her batch mates because of her willingness to help and her kindness. But sometimes, she is abused by other people. She would only be remembered if they need something from her. Val is also a born leader. She has the initiative to lead people and her thesis group. Currently, she is the leader of their thesis group called team ada. They are working on a project owned by college of saint benilde which function is to monitor the attendance of the faculty. Recently, they passed their thesis defense for their ISPROJ1 project and they had an average of 88 percent for that particular activity. Val was very happy when they had that grade and felt satisfied though she said that we could do better if there was more time. Val is also a responsible person. She is the one taking care of her family now since her father has a problem that needs to cater to. So she is the one currently has the duty of taking care of her family. Ensuring that they are safe and ensuring that there is order in things at home. Val is also currently the one who brings her sister to school. She ensures that her sister is always in school on time. But sometimes val has her downtimes. She would call Louie early in the morning because she has a problem and needs a person to share it with. So they would talk so that she would calm down and become relaxed. Val would also consult Louie for her problems. Problems concerning her family, friends, school and others. But overall, val is a strong willed girl. Independent but sometimes the girlyness would come out specially if there are a lot of problems in her way.

Val is also a transferee from De La Salle University Manila. Her former course there is Bachelor of Science major in Manufacturing Engineering Management. The cause of her failure is too much time spent on volunteer works. She loves to volunteer. She volunteers in every activity that De La Salle University Manila has planned. She likes to help the poor because she is a kind person. She would go to Calatagan Batangas for an immersion and would spend days their. She would not bring any expensive things or luxuries in life. She would cope with how the people in Calatagan Batangas spend their everyday life. Based on Louie’s story, Val told him that at some point, she has really appreciated the blessings that she currently have. She also told him that at that time, she was beginning to like the simple life. She would eat with the farmers under a tree. Do household choirs etc. Until now, val has acquired these things. She is very simple. She would go to school dressed with shorts and t shirt only. She does not want an expensive phone that’s why she is currently using her free phone from her plan.

The next person that I will describe is Agnes. Agnes is a simple girl who is intelligent and smart. She is a very big girl literally. She is around 5’6 and has a big body build. She is the boyish kind of girl who knows how to bully her friends. She usually spend her time playing games, eating sweets, bullying her friends specially james, and spending time with her family. She is a smart girl because she really is good at coding. She is one of the closest friends of Louie. They met in their project management class and the rest is history. Agnes or Meg as they call her used to be a loner. She has no friends and was always left out by people. She used to belong to a group of people who are also our classmates but based on her story, she was teased by these people. What they teased meg was a mystery and only she knows about it. Louie was the one who approached meg. They started talking while they were handling the project from devcon. Louie was instructed to be the usher and for some reason, meg was also there. So they became close. Talking every class time and spending time with the group. Last summer, Meg was Louie’s companion through text because Louie went for a land trip from manila to Bacolod. He needs someone to keep him awake and to keep him company while driving. Meg obliged to do that. Even if Louie calls her in a very untimely hour around three to five in the morning, Meg would surely answer the phone and talk to her friend. Many stories have been shared between the two. Secrets of the families, Triumphs and failure and a whole lot more. This made them closer and made them what they are right now. Back to Agnes, Agnes is a family oriented girl.

She loves her family very much especially her sisters. Agnes has two sisters namely Alyanna and Asia. These kids are the two bundles of joy of Meg. She would bring them food whenever she has spare money and ensures that the two are properly taken care off. They usually hangout and spend time together. They would go to different place to eat ice cream and sometimes eat pizza. Meg is a very responsible sister. Since she is the eldest, she is the one in charge of the two kids whenever their mom or dad is out. She is very patient also. Based on Louie’s Story, Meg has the biggest patience he has ever seen. Meg has never been angry at Louie even though Louie is very naughty and playful. Sometimes, she would just look at Louie with her big round eyes and that tells Louie that she is sort of pissed with what he is doing. Meg is also the quiet type of Girl. She would just observe people around her and make the best punch line out of the conversation.

Like most of Louie’s friends, Meg is an introvert. Very introverted to the point that when she has not yet met Louie, she secludes herself from people. She would do group works alone and sometimes ask the professors if she could just work alone since she does not want to do work in groups. But with that in the past, Meg is now a different person. She interacts more and actively participates in class. Meg is very protective of her friends. She would fight for them as long as they are right and they are not doing anything to other people trying to bully or hurt them. She is the one that usually comes to the rescue of her friends whenever they would need help. She would help them with their projects and paper works whenever they are having a hard time with it. She is also a very good listener. She would listen to your problems and try to give advice on your situation. She is also good in approaching women. She knows the techniques and weaknesses of the girls and she teaches these things to her guy friends.

Meg is also a talented girl. She is good at singing and used to be a member of her former school’s singing group the De La Salle University Manila Inner Soul Group. She is very talented at singing. She has this very soothing voice that is ideal for singing songs made by the carpenters or from the OPM scene Up Dharma Down. Actually, she really loves Up Dharma Down and has a dream of one day to watch their live performance. Meg is usually the one who sings for her friends. She was the one asked to sing for their parody in their ITETHICS class. It turned out great and their group mates loved it. But of course her life is not full of happiness.

Every life in this world has its own share of problems and miseries and Meg is not an exception. She is also a transferee from De La Salle University Manila. Her former course was Bachelor of Science Major in Industrial Engineering. She did not like this course that’s why she did not really excel in it. After a few terms, she got kicked out from De La Salle University Manila. She then looked for a school and found De La Salle College of Saint Benilde. It is just across her former school. Meg applied in College of Saint Benilde and wanted a course that she would really love doing. So since her family already knew that she does not want her former course, she was given the chance to pick her course this time. She wanted to take up Music Production since she loves music and singing but after a week, her mother contradicted her and asked her to take up an IT related Course. She picked Bachelor of Science Major in Information Systems because at that time, she was interested in computer programming. Until now, she is very happy in her course. She is exceling in her classes nowadays. Overall, Meg or Agnes is a very fun girl to be with. She is not the maarte type of girl. She is more on the boyish type. She could laugh with you, cry with you, eat with you or even look for a girl with you but don’t make her angry. When she is angry, this girl is a different person. She would eat you alive with all her frustrations and you will be the recipient of all her anger and sorrow in her life. Kidding aside, Agnes is a very fine girl and I see a big future ahead of her.

Chapter 9 Louie as a Friend

Louie is one of a kind; he is the best friend that anyone could ever have. Louie never lets anyone down. He keeps his promise and sometimes share more than what he has.

Steve Maraboli quoted from his book Life, the Truth and Being Free is says “You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose and to do it fearlessly”. Louie’s greatness scatters to the people the surround him. One would be lucky to have him around in their lives. His “malambing” personality allows people to be relaxed at him and approach him easily. Louie is one of those people who are not afraid to be great instead he embraces it and shares it to the people around.
Louie has this infectious personality of being happy and friendly. People around him glow as he himself glows with positive energy. With Louie’s fun personality and high energy it is easy Louie makes friends with his classmates. He enjoys having a lot of laugh and jokes around. Louie met his friends all in different ways, some he met through different subjects in class, others through other friends and others whom he just approached. Louie met Val in his ISPROG2 class and simply approached her. In ISPROG3 they were again classmates and became group mates in the project. Louie is not afraid of hard work. He goes to school every day and works hard every night specially in coding. Louie is sincere in saying sorry or saying that it is going to be okay. Val had difficult problems from both at home and school. It was becoming difficult to be normal at school. Louie not yet close to Val ignored and still became friends with her. He accepted and knew what he was telling her in order to help her. Every night he would do the ISPROG3 final project and would still accept a 3am call from Val asking him to keep her company and do the project. In school Louie would still help Val, they would meet up to do the project in school and would call her up and ask her where she is. Val would sit at the dark corner of third floor of Duerr Hall. Val was afraid of many people. Louie would come to school and keep Val Company until she was comfortable enough to be in a place with lots of people. Louie cares for his friends. He does not forget to remind them he is there to help as well as their other friends. Louie is one of the small number of people whom one can trust and can share story. He gives you his honest and unbiased advice. Louie takes care of his friends and is not hesitant to them.
During their ISPROG3 (Advanced Web Programming) presentation Louie, Val, and their other team mates got a high grade and they were proud of their work. Val made the base functions of the program and Louie changed and upgraded the codes. It was funny because Val would code and put all lines of code in one side of the file. Louie would fix it as a good practice of coding by putting lines and indentions. Louie would have the harder task because he would have to understand the logic of Val’s code. The ISPROG3 course did not only include the course but a paper had to be presented in class. It was similar to a mini - thesis.

Val always had a problem at home and one time her father threw something at her which resulted to an injury at her feet. It was a minor injury and it had to undergo an out-patient surgery. Val also had weird quirks and would hide inside bathrooms. Louie would call her up and ask what she is doing and that the bathroom stinks. Later on Val would get out of the bathroom and continue on with their project.  Also in one part of Val and Louie making a project, they would do the coding and Val would be restless if the code does not work. Louie would try to keep her calm by fixing the code. Making it work so they could move on to the next problem. Louie was there to listen, advice that to just let it go and that it was going to be okay. He gives his friends real, honest and unbiased opinions.

During the first few weeks that Louie met Val, Val told Louie about her difficulty in trying to be normal and told him that she had thoughts of ending her life. Louie did not take it as a joke instead he became a friend and listened to Val. He even agreed to put his cellphone number as a contact person in cases of emergency, even though he just met Val. Louie did not judge Val for her problems and tried to change the path of her problem by simply being there. It was a struggle for Val but Louie helped her get through it. Louie shared some of his experiences to Val and told her that it will all be over after a year or two. Val took it as a wall to lean on. Louie said that all people reach this point and everyone gets through it. It is a difficult path but one can get through it.

Louie would support his friends in presentations, contests and other school events. It is fun to be with Louie especially during lunches at school. It is a regular bonding thing for Louie and his friends. Louie does not judge people so he helps out his friends if they are not doing well in school and even in personal problems. In the thesis defense of Meg and Val, Louie waited outside; he waited for around 3-4 hours because they had to wait for the panelists and product owner. He knew how they were feeling so he started making jokes and other funny stuff to make the mood a relaxing one. Louie can read a person when he sees them and knows how to approach them especially when they are sensitive.

At one instance, Val confided to Louie about her family of what they were telling her and doing to her. Her sister was not treating her with respect. Louie also knows Val’s sister Kat. Kat sees Louie as his big brother as well even though she just met him. Louie advised her that it is okay to be good and quiet but, there is always a line and you have to fight back with respect. He told her the truth even though it was going to be difficult. Honesty is important in a friendship that people that it is hard to come by with.

In one instance Kat needed to buy a HDMI cord for her laptop and asked Louie for a brand of recommendation. Louie said he does not know but he gave an estimate cost and described the cord to have a gold end plate. So Val and Kat went to Data Blitz to buy the cord and Val said to buy a cheaper one because Kat would only use it for her Korean Novelas. Kat reminded Val that Louie recommended the specific price and they should buy the one closest to it. This was a typical argument between Val and Kat. Kat only met Louie but she felt Louie’s honesty and sincerity. In Louie’s birthday this past year. Val and Meg stayed overnight at his home and Kat was left alone at home. Since the house they were living in was small and old. The same time typhoons just passed by the country. Cockroaches were a lot in their house. Val was forced to go home but decided that to go back bringing Kat with her. Kat wanted to buy food for Louie but they did not know what so they went to Krispy Crème to buy a dozen of donuts. Kat and Val arrived just in time for lunch and they would enjoy the cooking of Louie’s mom and sister. Kat liked the set-up of Louie’s home and found his parents to be cool. Kat enjoyed resting at Louie’s house and sleeping at Louie double bunk bed. Kat even asked Louie if his blanket was a blanket. Louie, Val and Meg decided to watch a horror film again, Kat would be afraid so she hid at the back of Louie’s CPU.

Kat enjoyed parties especially during her birthdays. During her 19th birthday. Kat invited Louie to her party in Makati. Kat invited Meg as well but Meg was not able to come because Meg’s sister Asia also celebrated her birthday the same day. In her party Louie was able to meet Val and Kat’s family. It was fun, a little sad that Meg was not able to join them but the food was okay and it was a day of relaxation. They had turkey, pasta, bread and lengua. Louie was also able to see Kat’s friends. Val and Kat’s family was also able to meet Louie in the party. They were delighted to meet him.

Louie, Jorenz, Val and Kat one day decided to eat in Mannang’s fried chicken in Jupiter Makati. It was actually a late dinner because Louie, Jorenz and Val’s class ended around 7:30. They reached Mannang’s around 8 in the evening. They ordered Mannang’s famous chicken and had dinner together. They ordered a bucket of chips to share. Louie and Jorenz got to know Val’s sister more. The four of them bonded.

With Val’s problems Louie helped Val look for houses that she, her mom and her sister could transfer to that was on budget and had a big enough space. At the middle of the term, Val changed her address and moved to a different house. With the problem with her father this was the only solution. The house was small and still dirty but Louie and Meg wanted to help her clean it. They go to her house during the afternoon and order food from Chowking. They would just sit talk, Louie would fix Val’s computer. Meg and Val would sit and eat junk food. They did this couple to times per week and sometimes it would be in Louie’s House. The house had no food and cable but they were able to enjoy the visit. At one time, there was a conflict in the delivery of the sofas; Val’s sala set had two sofas. It was funny because it was arranged as if it was a movie house only more crowded. Louie helped Val clean up the house for them to have mirienda’s and “tambay” moments together.

It is easy to confide to Louie or not to confide at all, both ways Louie will just listen. He can read people and know how to approach them. He would welcome his friends in his home and just let them be. Louie would make his friends feel that it is alright and have fun. Forget about the problem for a little while enjoy his company.
As part of their ending term in De La Salle College of St. Benilde, Louie and his friends attended a retreat. The retreat was is Tagaytay and was days after submitting their final documentation for their thesis. They met up in school chapel and then headed to Tagaytay after lunch. They rode in one van and reached Tagaytay in about two to three hours. The retreat started a short session in the afternoon and was continued until night. The dorm rooms were separated from the boys and the girls. Louie, Kako, Jorenz, Mj, James and Kiel would stay in one cottage and Val, Meg and Maia in another. They would meet up in a little gazebo and eat up the Krispy Crème donut they bought. After the night session. They went back to their dorms and again met up in the gazebo. Louie and his friends shared stories, jokes and their plans when they get back to Manila. They were also joined by their other Information Systems batch mates.

Louie never lets his friends down and it is important for him that his friends are never left out and uneasy. At the graduation retreat with his friends, part of the activity was about trust and Louie always reminded Val of the trust, that it can be given and that the burden can be shared. The activity was to carry a group member and rock them like babies. Val was very hesitant to do it because she was heavy but Louie insisted and said that she had to experience that. Louie carried Val and did the activity and ended up with back pain the day after. Louie said that it was still worth it because at least he made Val feel that burden can be shared and trusted to other people. This is one of the best qualities of Louie and it is important to him as well.

Louie and Val met Meg during the Project Management class because the class had an event. The event was about Developers Connect and was a Hackathon. Different speakers attended the event. Participants joining the event would do a hands-on activity with the speaker. At the end of the event each team participants would present what they have created with what they have learned during the seminars. Louie and Val were in charge of the Logistics. Meg was in charge of Marketing, creating posters for the event. During the event they had to take care of the venue and the tasks they had to do with it. It was during that time that Louie, Val and Meg would bond together and get to know each other.

It was meant to be thing because the three of then just clicked and instantly had fun in their classes. They were classmates in different subjects such as Basic Java Programming which was a series of three called PROGAP1, PROGAP2 and PROGAP3. Louie, Meg and Val became close friend and would conduct a "chismis nights" on Facebook chat until 3 to 4 in the morning. Topics of the discussion are widely spread from love lives, family, and future and past stories. They would talk about their projects and courses as well. The friendship became something strong enough to not be broken. The feeling is similar to having more siblings. Adding a sister or a brother to your family. Sometimes, Louie, Meg and Val would talk about people they disliked and liked.

Louie enjoys having his friends around and his friends as wells as his friend enjoy his company; it is like something is missing when Louie is not around. It is also fun to do projects with Louie, Val and Meg enjoys brainstorming with him. It is a mix of fun and work. They would put out ideas and honest opinions. Louie, Meg and Val would stay in his room and do projects until 3am. Sometimes, they would order from fast food and have fun eating. They would also watch horror movies. Louie would keep quiet at first but would shout when a scary part of the movie is about to show. It is fun but also scary and annoying. They would watch different horror movies such as The Conjuring, The Exorcism, and The Sinister which all had different funny stories. The Conjuring was a controversial scary movie because of the trailer they put out to the public months before it showed in movies. Louie would scare Meg and Val who are already scared in the first place. It happens around three to four times every horror movie. In one overnight stay at Louie’s house. They were doing a final project. They started off with a movie to relax and after the movie they worked on their project and Val had a fever due to the scary movie.

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