My Dream Kitchen Project

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My Dream Kitchen Project

In this assignment you will design a dream kitchen for a client of your choice. The following will be included in the client’s needs and design of the kitchen:

  1. A description of your client- see handout posted on web. This must be typed, free of errors and posted neatly on the back of your kitchen floor plan.

  1. The best uses of floor space and kitchen design- see Kitchen layout designs.

  1. This link has common space allowances needed in kitchen planning-

  1. A kitchen work triangle of less than 26 feet-

  1. Innovative storage ideas. Use the web for ideas or visit your local hardware store to get colored pamphlets that can be used on your kitchen display board. Check out the displays in the classroom to see past examples.

  1. Wall elevations drawn to scale of all walls that have items such as cabinets, appliances, etc. See handout on drawing elevations that we did in class.

  1. Final Floor plan drawn to ¼” scale, colored in with colored pencils. This is the footprint of your dream kitchen. See examples posted in class.

  1. Innovative ecological ideas and planning that conserve energy and resources such as provisions for recycling, saving electricity, natural resources and materials used. Include in client description a provision for this feature.

  1. Multipurpose function such as computer area for paying bills, built in laundry area, etc.

  1. Provisions for a pantry or bulk storage area.

  1. Color board that has the following features:

    1. Footprint/floor plan of your project

    2. Wall elevations drawn to scale

    3. Wall Treatment-Color swatches of paint used for walls or wall paper, materials.

    4. Flooring materials

    5. Cabinet/fixture materials

    6. Counter top materials

    7. Appliances

    8. Lighting used

    9. Innovative storage ideas

    10. Multipurpose function

    11. Ecological provisions in materials and use.

    12. Client description on back




Kitchen Grading Rubric




1. Floor Plan- Neatly drawn to ¼ inch scale. Drawing is an accurate footprint of the proposed design


2. Wall Elevations- Each wall is represented that has a visual feature such as drawers, cabinets, appliances, stools, etc. Island elevations or sides drawn if they have features- cabinet drawers- knife racks, bar/stools. Etc.


3. Client Description- Typed and is a detailed description of the client’s background, lifestyle, cooking and entertainment habits.


4. Work Triangle- drawn between stove, sink and refrigerator. Ideally is about 15- 23 feet maximum


5. Electrical- electrical needs are every 6.5 feet. Overhead/ceiling and specialized lighting on footprint/ elevations.


6. Work Surface- adequate surface counter available for meal preparation by sink, stove, refrigerator


7.Eating Area- eating area provided in the kitchen space. Bar stools, table, etc.


8. Recycle/Storage- Kitchen features a recycle system and has innovative storage ideas for cabinets, pull outs, pantries. Etc.


9. Multifunctional- Kitchen has a desk, pull out ironing board, laundry, computer or other multipurpose feature that allows the space to function efficiently.


10. Color Scheme- Colors are well coordinated for walls, counter tops, flooring, cabinets and accessory furnishings.


11. Flooring, walls, cabinets, window treatments are of a blended harmony and show good mastery of design principles with a contrast in textures and coordinated surfaces.


12. Professionalism- Display board is labeled with electronic or typed labels. Neatly done with samples bordered neatly for display. Display is attractive and arranged for good viewing and understanding of design features.




Download 14.76 Kb.

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