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Winterbourne Parish Magazine – 1926 Price 2d

January 1926
Winterbourne, Bristol,


In wishing you all a bright and prosperous New Year, I would that there was more in the way of evidence that things material were likely to improve. Each individual is to a large extent dependent, so far as prosperity goes, on trade of the country. The trade has been, is, and I fear is likely to remain bad for some time. The causes are difficult to discover. War debts have something, in fact a great deal, to do with it. Britain, in her desire to honour her bond, and pay her debts, has been compelled to increase the taxes of the country, which naturally to a large extent affects the spending powers of those who have to pay them. But this is not the whole cause. There is still a

Lamentable want of that co-operation between employer and employed, without which no trade can expect to progress.

So long as prejudice and distrust, to say nothing of real animosity, exists between the several sections of the community, a general advance on the road to prosperity is not to be expected. Faults lie doubtless on both sides, but it is certain that it is the Christian sense of Brotherhood alone that is going to break down this class distinction and class hatred, and enable us to pull together for the common good of all. "Peace and Goodwill" is the message of the Christmas season, and it will be expressed individually and among friends with real sincerity. But it is intended to be "to all men," and it is for each of us to make it our business to extend the Christmas greetings not just to our immediate friends and inner circle at home, but to all. If everyone thought of, treated, and behaved to everybody else as a brother; then in one sense, and a very real one, the King­dom

Of God would have come to earth.

An excellent start has been made once again in Church life at Watley's End. Already Mr Gay has around him a keen and zealous band of helpers, who have manifested their desire to give him all the support they can in this work.

Of the energies and progress, evidenced in the Mothers' Union, GFS, Candidates, Scouts and Guides in this Parish I need not speak here. They are all doing splendid work and satisfying an obvious need.

The bell ringers have worked well, and have more than fulfilled their duties. I trust the Parishioners will show their appreciation of their efforts, during this festive season. Colds and the like have inter­fered with the attendance of our Choristers of late. But they also deserve our thanks for what they have done to brighten our Services and make them more worthy of acceptance by Him to Whom they are primarily offered. We could do with two more bass voices in the Choir. I feel certain that out of the splendid number of young men who attend the Church, there must be at least two with the necessary qualifications. Don't be shy, but come and use the gifts you have been given for the highest service of all!

Our Church Council is a very harmonious body, and is working loyally and well. Mr Ernest Thomas has been elected on to the Council in place of GF Todd., who has left the Parish, and has resigned, in consequence, his office.

God bless you all. Yours affectionately,



Mr Geoffrey Mendham, FRCO, is very kindly coming to give two Organ Recitals on January 1st (New Year's Day), the one in the afternoon and the other in the evening. Mr Jack Burrough will sing same solos, and there will be Instrumental (strings) as well. Collections will be made for our St Michael's Room Fund.


The proceeds of the Mothers' Union entertainment, "The Spirit of the Home” was used to purchase the Altar Curtains for St Michael’s Room. The curtains were given as a Jubilee Offering from the Mothers' Union in Winterbourne. On Saturday, Dec 12th, at Watley's End Memorial Hall, "The Spirit of the Home" was again presented, followed by a short Concert. £5 was realized for the Sunday School Fund in that part of the Parish.

On Monday, December 14th, at 2-45, in St Michael's Room, Mrs Dawson, of St Anne's Park Vicarage, gave an address on "The great big World and me." After the address light refreshments were handed round.

On Monday, December 21st, at 7-30pm in St Michael's Room, a Service was held, with an address by Rev P Gay. This service was specially for members of the Mothers' Union and GFS members and friends.


After three years of devoted work in the Parish Nurse Harris has felt it her duty send in her resignation to the Committee, owing to the call of home duties. The Committee, Hon Sec, and Hon Treasurer wish to thank her for her un­selfish, conscientious, and careful work during the past three years, and to wish her every good wish for her future life and work.

A Christmas Party will be held in the schools on Boxing Day, in aid of the Nursing Association Funds. Admission 6d each.

The Secretary is in correspondence with, another Nurse, but nothing is yet settled.

Watley's End Memorial Church

Last month there was no room to add some news concerning the Boy Scouts. The Troop is now reformed. We hope soon will be registered by HQ as St Michael's Troop, Winterbourne, and is a most flourishing and happy part of our Church life. The lads have been working hard, and up to the present time, twenty-­five of them have passed their "Tender­foot" test.

The next event will be the enrolment by Colonel Burges, which we hope to arrange before the New Year dawns.

We have a Scoutmaster, Assistant SM (Mr J Thompson) and 29 lads, and all the meetings (twice a week) are marked by their good attendance, excellent spirits; and plenty of happy work and play.

We should like to say how grateful we are to the Church authorities for supplying us with good rooms for our meetings, and we hope, in return, to turn out good and faithful members of our Church.

Please come and help us whenever you can, for we find it an expensive business making a really good beginning.

It is good to report a steady growth in the Church life at Watley's End. On December 12th a Concert was arranged to raise some money to provide Christmas Treats for the members of our Sunday Schoo1. Thanks to those who gave items, those who helped in the room, arranged the refreshments, and the good number that came, we were able to put aside nearly £5 10s to the Christmas Treat Fund.

We would like many people to come and see how the Sanctuary has been beautified by the addition of some lovely curtains, given to us by an anonymous Clifton lady, who is desirous to see "all things bright and beautiful" in our House. We also have acquired from the Vicar and members of St Anselm's Church, Clifton, a very good Sanctuary carpet, which certainly looks as though it had been "made to measure”!!

Space is short again, but before this letter ends may I ask if you have noticed the im­provements carried out by our Women'.,; Sewing Guild? Look out for something "red," kneel upon it and try for yourself the next time you are in!



Whether the answer be "tes" or "no," be sure and secure a seat for the great film, "India To-day," to be shown at the Co1ston Hall, at 3pm and 7-30pm, on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, January 14th, 15th, and 16th. The pictures are charming and full of interest. For those who love and know India it will he a few hours of real delight, and to those who have never seen India, this will give an insight as nothing else will give. Watch the announcements, and book early.



The attendance has been very good in­deed. The following results are noteworthy:- Francis Thompson, for her 1st year, ending May 14th, obtained 91%; Della Bryant, ending August 14th, obtained 91%; Freda Andrews, ending August 30th, obtained 88%; Winnie Adams, ending August 14th, obtained 91% ; Edie Cook, ending August 14th, obtained 90% ; Emily Richardson, ending December 2nd, obtained 98%.


We now have three Patrols in the Com­pany:-­

Robins: Francis Thompson (Patrol Leader), Emily Richardson (Patrol Second), Alice Whitehead, Wilma Smith, Elsie Harris.

Nightingales: Eileen Harmer (Patrol Leader), Edie Cook (Patrol Second), Mabe1 Smith, Bertha Hacker, I,avaine Thornell (recruit).

King fishers: Freda Andrews (Patrol Leader), Winnie Adams (Patrol Second), Nellie Bisp, Audrey Maggs, Queenie Amos, Elsie Gainey (recruit).

Second Class.

Francis Thompson, Della Bryant, and Eileen Harmer have passed the Second Class Test, and several others will have done so very shortly.


Miss Phillips has very kindly been in­structing some of us and the Winterbourne Down Guides for the Sick Nurse Test, and we are to be examined on Saturday by Miss Mellor for the Badge.

Margery Burrough, my Lieutenant, and Freda Andrews, Edie Cook, Winnie Adams, Emily Richardson and I are hoping to pass the Test.

Margery Burrough has obtained the Knitter's Badge with 100%, and several others are working for it.


I took Francis Thompson, Della Bryant, and Eileen Harmer to the Division Camp at Eastwood Park from July 31st to August 7th, and we all enjoyed it thoroughly. Next year we hope to take the whole Company to Camp.

Club Room.

The Church Council has very kindly allowed us the use of St Michael's Room for our meetings, and given us the heating and lighting free of charge. We want to thank them most heartily.

New Year's Parties.

On January 2nd we hope to entertain two parents or friends of each Guide, and try to give them a good show.

I am taking the Company to Thornbury on January 9th, to see the film of the Girl Guild World Camp at Foxlease.

To Parents

Many thanks to you for your kind sup­port through 1925. All good wishes for the New Year.

Lucy Burrough, Captain, 1st Winterbourne Coy
February 1926

Before the month of February is out we shall be once more in the season of Lent; during which we are all called upon to make such a special effort as will in­sure for us real advance in the spiritual life.

It can be thought of as a "six weeks hard training." The men and lads who play football, and are out to win, go into strict training. The professionals are forced to do it, the amateurs do it willingly if they are anxious to be at their best. The men at the University, whether in view of the 'Varsity Boat Race, or in inter-College Cup competitions, all train. If it can be done for the winning of a cup or a medal, it can certainly be done for matters of deeper importance. The methods of train­ing will be different, but the idea is the same. Six weeks' training, or the making of a special effort for six weeks, in order that we can become fitter, stronger, more healthy, more amiable, less irritable, better friends, better Christians, better men and women generally. An effort to develop all that is best in us, and subdue, and gradually get rid of, all that is not good. It means taking trouble; it will entail a good deal of self-discipline, which will not be easy. We shall require help, and that help is, available. If we make a special effort to pray night and morning, and not be satisfied with just saying prayers; if we get to God's House as often as possible and really worship Him when there; if, in obedience to our Master's Command, we receive our Communion regularly, reverently, and with a full consciousness of what we are doing, we shall find and get the help we need. To the cry, "Who is sufficient for these things"? the answer comes: "My Grace is sufficient for thee." St Paul, realising all that this meant, and having proved it in his own life, said, "I can do all things through Christ that strengtheneth me." His experience can be ours, if we wish it, and take the necessary trouble to acquire it.

Let us all then "buy up the oppor­tunity" that Lent affords, and resolve, with all sincerity, to make a special effort during those six weeks to be better men and women in every sense of the term. We shall have created habits which will develop into character, and we can hope in consequence to be of greater service and use in the world in which we live.

The Bishop of Bristol is coming to hold a Confirmation in our Parish Church on March 8th. Please remember the Candi­dates in your prayers.

God bless you all. Yours affectionately,


The Holy Communion will be celebrated on Wednesdays and F'ridays, at 7-30am. Matins will be said at 10 each clay, and Evensong at 7pm. On Wednesday even­ings, Evensong will be choral, with an dress, and also at the Memorial Church Hall, followed by an address.


Rectors and Vicars have been asked to give information as to the dates and con­tents of the Registers belonging to the various Parishes in the United Kingdom. The Rector, in looking through the old registers, has gleaned the following facts, which may be of interest to our readers.

The Registers of this parish go back to the year 1600, and give a more or less consecutive list of all Marriages, Baptisms, and Burials that took place since that date.

Here is a list of the Rectors from 1600 to the present day, with their approximate dates.

Richard Bridges ... 1600 - 1641

John Griffiths ... 164I – 1697

Richard Towgood ... 1697 – 1709

William Carey ... 1709 - 1756

J Saunders … 1756 - 1776

Edward Warneford ... 1776 - 1795

Samuel Parker ... 1795 - 1830

Thomas Whitfield ... 1830 - 1834

JB Allen ... 1834 - 1862

Frank Burgess 1863 - 1875

AH Austen Leigh 1875 - 1890

ATS Goodrich ... 1890 - 1914

Charles J Burrough 1915 -

The following money has been raised in the parish during 1925 for the work of the Church across the sea. Other money may have been given, but we can account only for what has passed through our hands.

£ s. d.

Mission to Calcutta ... ... 1 14 6

Melanesia ... ... ... ... 0 6 2

Medical Missions ... ... 3 13 2


Church Collection . 5 1 7

Church Collection (W End) 0 11 4

Per Boxes ... ... 3 3 0

Per Subscription ... 2 0 0


Per Collection ... 1 7 2

Per Coral League ... 1 0 0

Per Subscription ... 2 0 0

£20 16 11

Mrs Buckland, the Hon Secretary of our Missionary Association, would be glad to receive names, of those who are willing to become subscribers or to take a box. The subscription or the contents of the box can be ear-marked for any Missionary Society, if so desired. We hope to make a fresh start with our Study Circle or reading party on Monday, February 8th. Please make a note of the date.

It was a great disappointment to many that they were unable to enjoy the delight­ful Recitals that were given by Mr Mend­ham and Mr Hunt on January 1st. The weather was truly terrible. In fact it did

not cease raining all day. Many asked its to arrange for another recital, but that was not possible at the time. We shall hope, however, to have another one after Easter. Considering the weather and the few people who were able to attend, the sum of £5 15s 6d given in the collection was splendid.

Our grateful thanks are offered to Mr Mendham and Mr Hunt; and to Mr Gay, who organised the recitals.


An appeal was received from the Vicar and ringers at Pucklechurch asking for help towards the re-hanging of their bells. Our ringers raised 15/-, and have received a letter of grateful thanks for the same. Well done! This is the right spirit!


Our total expenditure, up to date, in renovating, etc, the above room amounts to £51 14s 10d. Towards this we have received: -

£ s. d.

Anon. ... ... ... ... 0 5 0

Per Jumble Sale, etc. ... 13 11 6

Per 'Mothers' Union ... 2 5 0

Per Organ Recital ... 5 15 6

£21 17 0

We still require £30! Any suggestions?


We wish to offer a hearty welcome to Nurse Willshaw, who is with us as tem­porary nurse. We should be glad if parishioners would make a New Year reso­lution of joining the Association. The Committee member will gladly call for quarterly payments. Surely 1/3d a quarter is a small sum to pay to insure skilled nursing for the village. Won't you help by joining?

Please keep Saturday evening, February 13th, free. We are trying to organise some form of entertainment in the Schools on that date.

The GFS arranged a very enjoyable Social Evening for Twelfth Night, January 6th, with Mrs Pullan [Pullin ?], of Hambrook, at the piano. There were quite a lot of fancy costumes, which made the party very at­tractive. A balance of 25/- was realised for Diocesan and other funds of the GFS.


On January 2nd the Guides entertained their parents and friends to a very cheery evening. Every visitor was given a New Year's gift, and was also entertained by the Guides to light refreshment.

The Company went to see two films at Thornbury on January 9th, entitled "Girl Guides to the Fore" and "The World Camp."

We had our Sunday School Treat on the Feast of the Epiphany, January 6th. Eighty-three children were invited. After tea, parents and friends were admitted to the entertainment, which this year took the form of a wonderful "shadowgraph" dis­play, followed by conjuring by Signor Carlini. All went off very happily, and the children enjoyed themselves thoroughly.



This took place at Watley's End on December 28th, and was a most enjoyable time for all people. Over fifty members sat down to a very well arranged tea at 5-30, and by the time this was finished and cleared away, the parents and friends arrived, and all witnessed the giving of presents and prizes to our scholars. Some excellent records were noted, and several prizes were given to members who had attended the whole year without a break. The following children deserve special men­tion: Jack Chamberlain, Henry Diment, Gilbert Maggs, Alfred Maggs, Roy Maggs, Norman Kethro, Jessie Diment, Joan Diment, Gladys Miles, Audrey Maggs, Cissie Lewis, Mabe1 Smith.

Sunday School has re-formed again, and has started with better numbers than ever before. We have over sixty-five names on the register.

Before ending this report, we must record our grateful thanks to Miss Marjorie Burrough for her past help in the Infants' School. We shall miss her sadly when she goes to Malvern.

Fortunately we have found someone who is willing to come and help us at the critical time, and we give a hearty welcome to Mrs Bolt, who is taking over Miss Burrough's Class.


St Michael's Troop continues to flourish. Twenty-nine members were enrolled by Col Burges, who came specially from Chipping Sodbury to carry out the enrolment on December 23rd.

It was a memorable evening, and mighty proud we were of our lads, who looked very smart and business-like in their new uniforms.



ER Cane Top of flux Pitts, WINTERBOURNE

Confectionery, Tobacco, and Fancy Goods, High-Class Pastries and all kinds of Fancy Cakes, etc. Delivered every Thursday and Saturday.

[Between the pages of the February issue, there has been inserted into the bound book, a manuscript page which appears to be a list of Rectors of St Michael, Winterbourne. It reads as follows…]

1325 William de Savinaco

1355 Robert Mardak

1368 John Ailmer

1368 John Chippenham

1370 Richard Coleshall

Thomas of Ocle

1371 Richard Apelderham

William Aston

1405 Walter Fitzpiers

1405 Henry Mory

1535 Robert Gylbert

John Parker

1541 John Compton

1555 Paul Bush

1558 John Moore

1567 Henry Weston

1572 Nicholas Crundall

1600 Richard Bridges
[See the text for February for a list of Rectors from 1600 onwards…]
March 1926

Since my last letter, as one of the Delegates representing the Diocese of Bristol, I have had the privilege of taking part in a great Mass Conference in London, I want to tell you something about that Conference. We numbered about 3,000 in all, and we met together in the Great Hall at Westminster, to hear from "experts" the present position of the world's situation. It is a new world in

which we are living, because, first of all the various countries have been brought into neighbourly contact by means of transport, wireless, and the like; secondly, because the whole world is becoming more and more affected by what we call Western Civilization, without the Christian prin­ciples to control it; and thirdly, because of the spirit of self determination that is demanding an Africa for the Africans, an India for the Indians, etc, in the same way as there has already been granted an Ireland for the Irish and a Poland for the Poles. In addition to this, by the great revolution in the Moslem world, the Mohammedans, who have always been the Greatest barrier to the extension of Christ's Kingdom in the world, are welcoming the message of the Gospel and are opening the door to Christian evangelisation. A great opportunity has came to the Church, greater than has ever been offered before. Will that opportunity he seized by the Church at large? If each of the delegates could infuse into the hearts of their constituents, the realisation of the Call, the greatness of the opportunity, and the paramount need for offerings, in Prayer, sacrifice and service, that we were made to feel in London, the Work will be done! I hope to tell you more about it from the Pulpit and elsewhere. Let me just leave this once suggestion for the moment. Will each of our readers undertake to pray every day in some such words as these - "Bless, O Lord, the work of Thy Church at home and across, the sea, and help me to take my share in the extension of that work, for Jesus Christ's sake: Amen."

The Lord Bishop of the Diocese will hold a Confirmation in the Parish Church, on Munday, March 8th, at 7-45pm. Certain seats will be reserved for the relations of the Candidates, to whom tickets will be given. There are about 50 Candidates being presented from this Parish. Your continual prayers are earnestly requested on their behalf.

We shall do our best to get the April number of our Magazine out well before the first of the month, so as to give a full account of the services, etc, during Holy Week and Easter.

Mr Proctor is coming to give us a Lantern Lecture in the Memorial Church Hall on March 25th. The slides will be good, and the account of his work as a Missionary in Africa most stimulating. Don't miss it.

There will be a meeting for the members of the Parochial Church Council, on Tues­day, March 16th, at 7-30pm.

We have once again arrived at the period when our Electoral Roll should be revised. Will any of our Church worshippers, who have now attained the age of 18, and whose names are not at present on the Electoral Roll of the Parish, kindly ask for the necessary form, which has to be filled in and signed. Copies can be obtained at the Rectory and from the Sexton in the Church, and from Mr Gay at Watley's End.

May I conclude by expressing my thanks to all those who have been so kind as to express their sympathy with me during my temporary "voicelessness" and to those who have made it possible for "the work" to be carried on during my indis­position.

God bless you all. Yours affectionately,


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