Music was also a part of the many special occasions and ceremonies or corroboree of Aboriginal people

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Music, art and dance are important parts of Aboriginal culture as they were used as ways to communicate. Children were taught about their culture at a very young age through music, dance and art. They had songs for every occasion; hunting songs, funeral songs, gossip songs and songs of ancestors, landscapes, animals, seasons, myths and legends. In some Aboriginal groups traditional music, dance and ceremonies are still known today.
Song and dance were often used in ceremonies and special occasions. It is believed that these songs and dances came from the Dreaming. Different groups of people knew songs and dances which had important information about the history of the land and how it was created.
Songs were used to direct people to certain places, like a map. In traditional communities, songs are seen as one of the most important forms of communication and were valued by the tribal members.
Traditional songs are used to teach the people about important parts of their culture. They could learn about their laws, their history, and even where to find food and water through song. By singing about the land and its forms, Aboriginal people could help others find certain places. Through traditional songs and dances, Aboriginal people could learn about morals and values and roles and responsibilities.
The didgeridoo is a musical instrument used by Aboriginal people. It is known by other names by different tribal groups. The didgeridoo has a distinct sound and, when played correctly, can sound like animals and birds. Tapping sticks, made from wood, were also used by traditional Aboriginal people to make musical sounds.
Music was also a part of the many special occasions and ceremonies or corroboree of Aboriginal people.


Task: Complete these in your book

  • What was music used for by Aboriginal people? (3 sentences)

  • Write an acrostic poem for the word didgeridoo.


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