Murder and a Meal

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macro murder and a meal 14

Chemical Test

Positive Test Result looks like

Negative test result looks like


Paper Towel Test

Translucent/Shiny/Almost see through

Dries and looks like regular paper towel


Biruets solution

Purple or Pink Color

Blue Color

Simple Carbohydrates
(Monosaccharides like Glucose)

Benedicts Solution

Red Orange/ Brick Red Color

Blue Color

Complex Carbohydrates
(Polysaccharides like starch)

Iodine Solution

Dark Purple or Black Color

Yellowish Brown Color

Test for Proteins

Test for Carbohydrates
(Complex sugars-starch)

Test for Lipids

Test for Carbohydrates
(simple sugars)





_____Positive Test Result _____Negative Test Result

_____Positive Test Result _____Negative Test Result

_____Positive Test Result _____Negative Test Result

_____Positive Test Result _____Negative Test Result

Protein present? Yes/ No

Complex carb present? Yes/ No

Lipid present? Yes/ No

Simple Carb present?
Yes/ No

Conclusion: (Write your conclusion on the back) COMPLETE AT HOME!!!
Report your findings as if you were writing a professional report of your findings for the murder (paragraph form).
-Open with a statement regarding which restaurant the victim visited for his last meal. (3 point)
-Provide a logical explanation, using the data from the tests on the stomach contents- describe the results from each test and how it helped you identify or eliminate a possible last eating place to explain how you reached your final conclusion (7 points)
Conclusion—review of scientific method and controlled experiments:
1. Why did we use distilled water in our tests?
2. Why did we do 3 trials per test?
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